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Shiva, Babaji, And Kundalini

Shiva, Babaji, And Kundalini

We’re getting closer to 2021, and it’s a good time to think. Think about what matters in life and what you want to do and be in this new year.

I have to keep Kundalini as a top priority every year. That means focusing on the evolution of consciousness above all. Kundalini is that.

If you have followed me around for a while, you may have already awakened Kundalini, or you’re looking to awaken it.

For those who have awakened, keep walking the pathless path. You’ll return home to yourself.

If you’re waiting for something to awaken Kundalini, then maybe this is the year you begin your journey. My free guide is more than you need to be successful if you have faith.Kundalini leads me to Shiva in ever more profound levels of experience. Perhaps it is the same for you? My favorite meditations consist of listening to beautiful songs about Shiva. The names of Shiva induce reflection in my being.

Haidakhan Babaji is a master that died a couple of years before I was born, but I feel incredibly close to him in my heart. These last few days, I’ve played this bhajan below on repeat, enjoying its meditative effect.Try it; you may resonate.

Listen here:

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