20 Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

1.  Muscles

You may notice a certain tension or cramp-like feel in your muscles as you try to awaken Kundalini. Some people have even reported spasms, this is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. However, it is always best to familiarise yourself with your body to respond accordingly should you notice any changes that concern you.

2. Temperature

Individuals have reported both cases of extreme cold and extreme heat throughout their bodies.

3. Sleep

Often people find themselves sleeping more or less than usual – you know what is normal for you, and only you will notice a real change to your sleeping pattern.

4. Appetite

You may find yourself eating more or less than usual.

5. Involuntary Movements

People have reported movements throughout their entire body that have been involuntary. Often this occurs during a period of deep meditation or rest following meditation. Many people have described a build-up of pressure, or an inner force in their body before the involuntary movements, as though they can feel energy they were previously unaware of.

6. Energy Levels

You may notice that you are feeling particularly hyperactive or even exhausted. This symptom tends to link in with your sleep changes, so be sure to be mindful of both of these if any changes occur.

7. Consciousness

You may notice an altered state of consciousness from your normal state of being; again, only know your body completely, so look out for any differences. Specific alterations to look out for include a sharpened state of consciousness or even feelings of being in a trance-like state.

8. An Increase In Understanding and Sensitivity

This not only relates to understanding and sensitivity towards others (although many people report an almost spiritual level of connection to others, sometimes even strangers). This also relates to a deep understanding and sensitivity towards spiritual truths, often ones that the individual previously unaware of or has now acquired a more in-depth knowledge of.

9. Ecstasy

Individuals may experience periods of immense joy, compassion, and contentment.

kundalini awakening symptoms

10. Low Mood

Conversely, others have reported symptoms of extreme sadness, grief, or even depression. As mentioned above, several negative symptoms are associated with Kundalini Awakening, so be sure that you are at a stage of spiritual maturity where you are prepared and equipped to handle these negative symptoms should they arise.

11. Mental Confusion

You might notice periods of confusion or disorientation throughout the days following the Kundalini Awakening. Some people have linked these symptoms with the unlocking of spiritual truths.

12. Knowledge

Linked with the above point, people have reported deep spiritual knowledge of the world and reality, an experience that transcends beyond the ordinary and provides a deeper understanding of life.

13. Headaches

Another negative symptom associated with Kundalini Awakening is headaches. People report having an increased feeling of pressure in the skull that leads to discomfort or pain.

14. Changes to Sensations in your Limbs

Namely numbness or pain throughout your limbs. It is unknown why, but the most commonly reported area of change is often in an individual’s left leg or feet.

15. Electricity

Many people describe Kundalini energy in their body as being akin to the feeling of electricity, or a current, that runs deep through their body. This is a key symptom in distinguishing whether or not you have awakened Kundalini energy, because often even the most spiritually mature individuals are ignorant to the feeling of Kundalini energy in their body before its awakening.

16. Heart

It has been reported that people may feel palpitations or chest pains. This is an important symptom not to overlook. As we all know, these symptoms are associated with many severe medical conditions. If you are concerned about these symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately. Only you know what is right for your body, but be cautious if you experience these symptoms.

17. Involuntary Vocalisations

This may include laughter, crying, hiccoughs, or involuntary speech. Again, people report a build-up of pressure here similar to those associated with automatic movements.

18. Hearing

People may notice interior sounds – noises that emanate from inside the body. These may be peaceful like waterfalls or unsettling like thunder.

19. Sexual Desire

You may notice an increase or decrease in sexual desire – again; you know your body, so look out for any changes, no matter how small.

20. Kundalini Psychosis

This symptom has been deliberately left until last because it is the most serious and potentially dangerous sign on the list. If Kundalini energy is blocked or trapped in the crown chakra, this powerful energy can interfere with our body’s natural rhythms and result in unbearable tension in the skull. If left untreated, this can be dangerous. Thankfully, grounding exercises, meditation, and redirecting energy away from the head to the rest of the body are known to relieve these symptoms.

What Is Kundalini?

Kundalini is the cosmic force that resides in each of us. By partaking in Kundalini yoga and other meditative practices, you can awaken this force inside yourself and open up your spiritual awakening potential.

Believed to impact each of our seven main chakras, achieving Kundalini awakening could result in several extraordinary changes in your body. These may include ecstasy, a connection to our world’s purity, healing, and possibly clairvoyance.

Much research is still needed in this area to determine the exact benefits of awakening Kundalini.

Still, it is sure to allow you to access a whole other realm of spirituality that you may have previously overlooked. It is essential to exercise caution, though.

Only someone who has achieved spiritual maturity should embark on their quest to awaken Kundalini, as it does not always result in positive symptoms.

Even the most spiritually mature individuals may find themselves experiencing discomfort or even pain during Kundalini Awakening and must therefore exercise extreme caution.

That being said, achieving Kundalini Awakening can be a wondrous spiritual experience.

To learn how to awaken Kundalini safely, check out my free guide here: Kundalini Awakening Guide.

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  1. I think that my third eye has been opening since 2018. I was so confused as to what it was! More so, I think my kundalini might be awakening too. I just read the signs of it awakening and got a like scared! I’ve experienced much of what it says. I don’t know whether I should pursue this or not. What EXACTLY would a kundalini awakening involve and what are the pros and cons?

    • It’s very individual when we get into the exact results. It’s about consciousness evolving within you, but how you get there is different than someone else, because we all start in different places. To pursue or not? Perhaps it’s more about letting it happen – like when you let a flower grow. Just water it, give it some sun, and patiently let it do its thing.


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