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7 Solar Plexus Crystals

Crystals are minerals that promote the physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of the individual.

These elements of nature positively influence people and their environment.

Crystals absorb energy, spiritually balance individuals and protect against negativity.

Crystals play a vital role in balancing and aligning the chakras so that the individual feels in harmony with himself and the environment.

The chakras are seven energy points that are located throughout the body, through which vital energy flows.

The chakra of the solar plexus is the third energetic point of the body. It is located in the area of the stomach, between the navel and the sternum. Numerous crystals enormously benefit this chakra.

The solar plexus is an energetic point that governs personal power, will, commitment to oneself and others. This chakra projects and distributes the vital energy, so the solar plexus is in charge of achieving the proposed goals. This energetic point expresses the freedom to be oneself. The crystals provide powerful help for the solar plexus to develop satisfactorily throughout life.

Below are seven solar plexus crystals, stones, and minerals for full harmony.

7 solar plexus crystals: the manifestation of your power

1. Amber

amber for solar plexus chakra

The function of this crystal is cleaning and protection. Amber is intended to activate the solar plexus so that the individual feels empowered and confident.

Amber focuses primarily on removing negative energy from your body, mind, emotions, and the environment around you.

This cleansing facilitates the fluidity of the solar plexus, allowing the free expression of your personal power. This mineral notably favors peace of mind; you feel free of negative thoughts.

Amber eliminates dysfunctional beliefs that could be preventing you from achieving your goals. This mineral also acts favorably on your emotions since it frees you from stress and anxiety.

By having a calm mind and balanced emotions, you can achieve your goals. Amber also fights depression, giving you back your self-confidence.

2. Golden soul rose quartz

golden soul rose quartz

This crystal is perfectly tuned to the solar plexus chakra since this mineral promotes abundance. The golden soul rose quartz manifests on an earthly plane all our goals.

Among its functions is the activation of the vital energy, recognizing our power, and the force of will to concrete our plans. This mineral brings the joy of life to our reality. It also reminds us that love is the basis to express what we are, which will lead us to success.

The golden soul’s rose quartz favors harmony between material happiness and family happiness since you can enjoy both without limits.

3. Malachite

malachite for solar plexus manipura chakra

This mineral is potent because it amplifies the personal energy to manifest any desire of the individual.

Malachite also gives a tremendous mental capacity, as you can find the solutions you need to solve problems.

This mineral absorbs all the negative energies that could be in your body, mind, or environment. Malachite is a protective crystal that will keep you safe from the evil of others. Besides, this mineral increases your self-confidence.

You will dare to face feats, adventures, and risky business. You will have enough wisdom to handle complex situations and achieve your goals.

4. Topaz


Topaz is a mineral that harmonizes perfectly with the functioning of the solar plexus.

It increases and recharges the vital energy to realize everything the individual sets out to do. Topaz increases the resistance to face obstacles to achieve his goals regardless of the circumstances.

This mineral speeds up the functions of the mind, being able to communicate everything you want quickly.

Topaz stimulates motivation in the individual, overcoming shyness and limiting beliefs. This mineral releases emotions and obsolete thought patterns that prevent the achievement of goals.

5. Citrine

citrine chakra healer

Citrine is considered the mineral of success, prosperity, and the manifestation of material achievements.

This crystal flows perfectly with the solar plexus because it gives the individual the vital force needed to work for personal goals.

Citrine eliminates fear and promotes confidence in oneself to face difficulties. This mineral maximizes the identity of the individual, who feels capable of great material conquests.

Citrine fosters the development of creativity in any area of life. It also helps the expression of one’s talents so that the individual feels fulfilled.

6. Calcite

calcite yellow for solar energy center

Calcite is a powerful mineral that profoundly cleanses the negative energy of the individual and the surrounding environment. It also frees you from the stagnant energies that might inhabit your mind.

This mineral synchronizes with the solar plexus through wisdom. Calcite enhances your discernment, so you will know exactly what to do under every circumstance you face.

This mineral improves higher consciousness. Therefore your perception increases for your benefit. Calcite energy is stabilizing, which brings serenity to your mind.

This mineral has incredible harmonizing power since it balances your body with your mind and your emotions.

7. Yellow Sapphire

yellow sapphire solar plexus crystal chakra

The yellow sapphire perfectly balances the solar plexus. This mineral promotes wealth, success, and prosperity.

The individual who wears yellow sapphire will manifest prestige, fame, and financial freedom in his reality.

This mineral clarifies the mind making you make good decisions. The individual is deeply committed to his or her goals, achieving them all regardless of the context.

Yellow sapphire is also highly beneficial for those who have marriage as a goal, as it facilitates the encounter with the ideal partner. This mineral also solves marriage problems, avoiding unwanted divorces.

Yellow sapphire also blesses women seeking to become mothers, bringing about the baby’s arrival.


These fantastic seven solar plexus crystals will give you the life force you need for the full expression of your being.

These minerals free you from the negative energy that you or your environment might have. This facilitates the manifestation of your power, which resides in the solar plexus.

These minerals clarify your mind, allowing you to achieve your goals. 

You will be able to achieve the material success you so deserve and enjoy good interpersonal relationships. You will have the necessary inner strength to face any circumstance that may arise.

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