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Metatron’s Cube

If you’re into spirituality, then you’ve probably heard of Metatron’s Cube. But what is it?

Simply put, it’s a figure composed of 13 spheres that are said to contain all the Platonic solids. 

The spheres are arranged in specific geometric patterns, and each one is said to represent a different aspect of reality.

Some say that Metatron’s Cube symbolizes balance and harmony, while others believe it has mystical powers that you can use for healing or manifestation.

Regardless of what you think, there’s no denying that this figure is fascinating! Keep reading to learn more about Metatron’s Cube and its history.

History and Use

Man gazes upon Metatron's cube and feels its energy.

Metatron’s Cube is an ancient sacred geometry representing the fundamental forms of creation and consists of 13 circles intersecting one another.

Widely known for its unique symbolism, Metatron’s Cube is recognized for its intimate connection to the spiritual realm.

This shape has been linked to many traditions and religious practices, including alchemy, Kabbalah, Christianity, and various magical doctrines.

In these various sects, this shape is often associated with divine energies that can bring personal growth to believers.

Furthermore, these energies have the power to improve overall health and provide protection from negative entities.

Despite its mysterious origins, Metatron’s Cube continues to be used in various applications in modern society due to its captivating symbolism and associations with the spiritual world.


Metatron’s Cube is an ancient symbol comprised of 13 circles and lines connecting them to form a cube-like structure.

It was named after the Archangel Metatron, who many believe designed the Cube to link energy for a higher purpose.

Each component within the Cube represents a powerful symbolic meaning. The circles can represent the universe and its curves, as well as cycles that are unraveled in their mysterious depths.

The dots represent knowledge and understanding from which we can uncover more when studied further.

The lines represent moments in time; they also denote a connection between points where our awareness grows as these connections come into being.

Overall it is profound with rich symbolism, something humanity has attributed to metaphysical meanings since antiquity yet still linked to today – something that may be mysterious but meaningful at every level.

It’s Unique Shape and Powers

Metatron’s Cube is an intriguing ancient symbol studied and explained in various ways throughout history.

While it primarily consists of geometric shapes such as circles, hexagons, and five-sided platonic solids, this structure can also be related to real-world concepts and ideas.

The Cube seeks to build a connection between the physical world and the spiritual realm by symbolizing balance, unity, and creation.

Its interlocked shapes allude to the interconnectedness of all life within the universe, while its 12 points embrace cosmic symbols of enlightenment, which allow you to reach beyond materialism into a more unified existence that harmoniously links all things together.

How to Work With Metatron’s Cube

Meditating on or working with the energies of Metatron’s Cube is a powerful and fulfilling practice that can bring forth profound insights, spiritual awakening, and enlightenment.

Starting with visualizing the energetic pattern of the Cube can be a great way to align oneself with its properties and energies.

Further, focusing on each component within it – such as the star, octahedron, tetrahedron, etc., as well as their relative positions – can further serve to better tune in with its vibrational frequency.

To deepen this experience even more, creating mandalas inspired by the Cube’s geometry can effectively establish an energetic bridge and alignment with its spiritual potency.

Finally, reciting mantras resonant with the energies associated with Metatron’s Cube and channeling them into focused meditation can yield gratifying outcomes for those brave enough to take this journey.

My Experience

Man searching for the answers to the mysteries reaches toward Metatron's Cube.

Working with Metatron’s Cube has been a personal journey that has brought me many benefits.

As I unlock the knowledge contained within this powerful symbol, I find myself learning more about my spiritual growth.

The layers of meaning in this symbolic construct allow me to create deeper connections between all parts of my life, creating a harmonious balance.

With each exploration and meditative session, there is the potential for a greater understanding of metaphysical principles and, by extension, the ability to reflect upon universal truths.

Working with this symbol continues to open new doors to self-development and awareness.


Metatron’s Cube is a powerful symbol with a rich history and many layers of meaning.

Each symbol within the Cube has its profound significance, and together they offer a wealth of insights into universal truths.

Connecting the symbols to real-world concepts, we can understand how this ancient wisdom applies to our lives today.

Meditation on or working with the energies of Metatron’s Cube can help us access its power and benefit from its teachings.

I have found great strength and guidance by spending time with this potent symbol, and I am confident you will too.

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