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Angel Number 123

The angel number 123 reminds us that our guardian angel sends us messages from above. Angel numbers take you on a magical journey to discover even the darkest inner secrets.

They help us understand our emotions, fears, struggles, frustrations, and everything we go through in between and points us to the good in everything.

Angels are our personal and spiritual guides in this life and remind us how important it is to know that someone is watching over us and taking care of our lives’ affairs. 

They want you to know that they are as excited as you are to sail and create new ventures. They keep encouraging you that everything will turn out to be beautiful and perfect, even if you are facing some difficulties at the moment.

Angel Number 123 – What does it mean? 

Angel number 123 reminds us that our guardian angel sends us messages from above. With it, he wants to tell us not to devote our time and effort to the wrong people and especially not to the bad things in our lives.

Your guardian angel is telling you to let go of all challenges and negative vibes from the past. Angel number 123 is often considered a celebration.

If you make your life as simple as possible, you will experience prosperity in ways you can not even imagine. There will be people who will envy you and try to sabotage your life and make you unhappy, and therefore you must remove them from your life.

People who rob you of all your energy and try to drag you down by making you feel that your world revolves around them are not necessary for your life.

People and the things we focus on have a significant impact on our lives. If we chase a particular dream and it gets further away from us, maybe it’s time to shift our focus to something else.

Perhaps that’s not the right thing for us then. Sometimes we need to let life take its natural course to lead us in the right direction. And lead us to something we would never have dared to dream of.

You also need to work on believing in yourself, your abilities, and your capabilities. You can not achieve anything if you do not start thinking that you are capable and able.

By keeping your life simple, you will appreciate and be grateful for the blessings that your life brings.

Breaking Down Angel Number 123

Breaking down the components of 123 helps us better understand our guardian angel’s message. It also frees us to accept the message and interpret it differently.


The number 1 symbolizes the beginning, a new beginning, the origin of everything positively. This number also stands for individuality, independence, and unlimited possibilities. It describes the beginning of your desire to achieve new goals and dreams.

On a spiritual level, this number shows that you are ready to evolve into a higher level of consciousness.

This number is about your personal growth, dreams, and aspirations. You learn to better understand yourself, the world around you, and what you really want to do. You discover new perspectives and goals that you never thought of in your wildest dreams.

Take a stand for what you believe in and what you know is right. Let your voice be heard. Spread positivity and shine brightly. Leave all negativity and fears to God and trust that He will make it happen for you.

You have been surrounded by the love of angels and people who genuinely love you, so you will be strong and able to take one step at a time.


As humans, we all long to love and be loved, and the number 2 represents your willingness to share your love with others. You have a sincere desire for companionship and a relationship.

This is a time to analyze yourself from the outside perspective to develop your connection with others healthily.

It allows you to fill your life with love and peace. And to assure you that you are on the right path as long as you continue to think positively and have confidence in yourself and others.

It is also associated with qualities like teamwork, partnership, and cooperation to develop your relationships with others in a healthy way.


The 3 is considered one of the most potent angelic numbers. If you see it often or repeatedly, it means that you need to pay urgent attention.

The number 3 is all about progress and improvement. It shows that your life path is unfolding in perfect timing for you.

It also symbolizes community, social interaction, and volunteerism. However, it can also signify that you are asking others for help. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but an admission of your human limitations.

It is also a sign that you are willing to accept help when needed – a true sense of humility. When you ask for help, you will find that the job or task will be done more easily and quickly than if you do it alone.

Angel Number 123 in Love 

We all know that love is the most important aspect of many people’s lives. Love connects us to each other and makes the world a better place to live in.

If you keep seeing angel number 123, it is clear that it is time for you to clean up and clear the mess in your personal and romantic relationships. It is the right time to make crucial decisions and changes in your love life.

Angel number 123 is all about the affairs of your heart. Whether you are single or in a relationship. This is the time to show and express your love in every way possible.

The love you give away is sure to come back to you pure and true at the right time.

 Angel Number 123’s Symbolism

As I mentioned earlier, the angel number 123 is one of the most significant numbers, and not only that, this number is spiritually powerful. It has a strong spiritual presence that can illuminate a higher meaning.

This number pushes you towards spiritual awakening and revival. It is time to realize that a higher being is in touch with you to connect with the divine world and be at peace with yourself.

Your guardian angel will vouch for you to make the most of your life. And you can do that by keeping your connection with the universe and its divine intervention closer. 

Do not try to ignore the angel’s messages because this is very important for you as you set out to become a better person in the future and for the future.

Numerology of Angel Number 123

In numerology, it is said that the spirit guides, the ancestors or especially the angels, when they want to communicate with you, use numbers as symbolism. 

Like crystals and colors, numbers have their own unique energy, frequency, and vibrational meaning that must be fully and correctly understood to avoid confusion and misunderstanding of the message.

Let’s look at each individual angel number that makes up 123.

angel number 123 infographic 5 facts


This number represents leadership, ambition, originality, and motivation. The moment this number appears in your life is a sign of a new beginning or a new chapter in your professional career. Embrace these influences and persevere, and you will succeed beyond measure.


Angel number 2 represents cooperation, partnership, and teamwork. As you start a new chapter in your life, you need to work more with other people to be successful in your life. Do not neglect the people who are willing to help you on your way to success.

Do not forget about them when you start climbing the ladder of success. Because they are also the ones, you will meet on the way down. Put down your plans and ideas for the benefit of many and always be open to other people’s suggestions and criticism.


Last but not least, angel number 3, this number represents creativity, enthusiasm, and intuition. This number dramatically influences you to develop excellent communication skills that will enable you to deal better with other people.

It is in your power to open up and show creativity and passion in everything you do.

People with angel number 123 are creative, innovative, hardworking, risk-takers, and love positive changes.

Fun Facts About Angel Number 123

BIBLICAL – In the Book of Numbers, Aaron, the brother of Moses, dies at the age of 123.

SCIENTIFICAL – The atomic number for Ubitrium is 123, an element that we have not yet discovered.

SOCIAL – Columbia’s emergency telephone number is 123, while it is Egypt’s medical emergency telephone number.

ARTIST – Songwriter Len Barry wrote and recorded the song “123” in 1965.


No matter what situation you are in, angel number 123 is really for you. Deal with these messages and think about your life to see which of the meanings of these numbers are really meant for you. Or maybe all of these messages are meant for you.

We all have bad moments in our lives, we are all fragile and can fall, but the most important thing is to always find love, seek help and be strong enough to make changes that will benefit you.

Life is much easier when we know we are not alone and are supported. Embrace the divine and let the magical things happen to you to the fullest.

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