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Healing With Stones And Crystals

To use crystals and stones to heal spiritually and physically is not new. It’s been practiced for thousands of years.

The ancient Egyptians were fond of stones and made it their study to find each stone’s particular ability.

We know from their texts that Lapis Lazuli, the blue stone, was considered royal and it was the Pharaoh’s favorite stone.

Judges in Egypt even wore amulets of the truth-goddess Maat made of Lapis Lazuli.

It is worth noticing that the same color, blue, has been recognized as a color of truth and royalty in several cultures.

In India, the color of the throat chakra has always been blue. The throat chakra is the energy center of truth and self-expression.

Scandinavia’s Odin was the god of wisdom and his color is also blue.

It’s fascinating how spiritual researchers across the world have discovered the same truths while using different names.

How To Use Crystals And Stones To Heal?

This is a huge topic, but we’ll look into a few methods today.

Firstly, it is enough to surround yourself with crystals and stones to begin to enjoy their healing energy.

Having a crystal tower on your desk can only add to your well-being.

Secondly, even if you don’t believe in their spiritual properties, they are beautiful to look at and beauty is soothing for the mind and spirit.

Keep The Healing Energy Close To You

You may also wear a necklace made of your favorite stone to always have its energy near you. Or you could have a small tumble-stone in your pocket.

Meditations with crystals and stones is also a great practice. You could put one in your hand as you meditate, or you can lie down and put them on your chakra points.

If you wish to get fancy, you can use crystals and stones to create grids. These are very decorative, but spiritually they are especially powerful.

Why are crystals grids so powerful?

Because you create the grid with a certain intention it becomes different than merely having a stone nearby.

The stones and crystals are carefully picked to align with this intention. Even the visual design of the grid should amplify the core intention.

Let’s say you wanted to manifest material abundance in your life. You’d choose a stone or crystal that has the energy to benefit this goal.

Tourmaline Grid Of Abundance

Black tourmaline is the perfect choice for this. It resonates with the root chakra and aligns with material manifestation.

To create a grid of abundance we need to also think of the design. How should the grid look to further amplify our intention of abundance?

There are several ways that will work here, but why not design our grid to look like the number 8?

Combine Numerology With Healing Stones

The number 8 is perfect. It represents eternity and continuous energy. In many traditions this is the number of abundance also.

Lay the tourmaline stones down and make it into the shape of an 8. You can lay the grid on a table or on the floor. That”s up to you. Maybe you’re crafty and could make it into a framed artwork?

This is a very basic stone grid, but you can get as fancy as you wish and include many other crystals and stones. Feel what resonates with you and the intention you’ve set to the grid.

Black Tourmaline is inexpensive and be bought in bulk. Raw tourmaline with rough edges are perfect to use with grids like the one described above.

Creative Crystal Healing

Use your imagination and create crystal grids that mean something to you.

Wear the stone of choice as a pendant or maybe on a ring.

The grid below is unmistakably associated with the heart chakra and it consists of many different stones and crystals.

Symbology is important because it affects our psyche and soul. Imagine if you only used rose quartz in the heart grid? It would give a more unified intention towards romantic love, maybe?

You definitely wouldn’t use black tourmaline for a heart grid, or maybe you would! What gives a positive effect for you is up to you to decide and understand.

Experiment freely.

heart crystal grid healing stones

Crystal Singing Bowls: Healing Sounds

I think crystal singing bowls are one of the greatest inventions for healing.

When you produce sound with one of these you put the crystal into motion. It vibrates and creates energy in the form of sound.

This energy is amazing to feel and the sound is quite something to listen to. Some find it too intense, but that’s the point. It’s laser-focused spiritual energy that hits the chakra in a very pleasant and transformative way.

Crystal singing bowls often cost hundreds of dollars and must be taken care of carefully, they are after all crystal, but can be a powerful asset to the spiritual healer.

However, smaller bowls can be had for $100 or less and the sound is impressive on any sized bowl.

To enjoy the healing of crystal singing bowls without investing a small fortune, I recommend these exquisite recordings.

The bowls are tuned to resonate with specific chakras.

If you’re looking to use the bowl to work with a specific chakra, I recommend finding a bowl that is made of a crystal that aligns with that chakra.

Pure quartz bowls are the safe bet. They are allround healers that work on every chakra.

Crystals And Stones That Heal

Do they really have these abilities, is it scientific?

It’s difficult to find many studies that have been done on this specifically, but we can touch on truths we do know scientifically.

Above all, frequencies affect us. Colors, sounds and everything around us has its unique frequency.

In addition, some colors soothe, some distract. Music can be meditative or chaotic. These effects are easy to observe, but crystals are more subtle.

We could deduce that everything has its unique effect on its surroundings. Some people are more attuned to feeling these effects than others.

Moreover, science has a problem with things that can’t be measured easily, but attentive souls can perceive them still. There is no instrument to measure or verify spiritual truth, does that mean it doesn’t exist?

Science does many positive things, but some areas it does not understand quite yet. Spiritual healing is one of those.

In conclusion, those who love crystals and stones, shouldn’t mind this at all and continue to use these wonderful assistants on their spiritual journey.

PS: Ever had a dream about crystals? See what that means here!

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