Top 10 Crystals for Love


Are you looking for love? These are the top 10 crystals you can use to attract and maintain love in your life!

1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz healing love crystal.

This is the classic "love crystal," and for a good reason! Rose quartz opens up the heart chakra and promotes unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness. It can help heal old wounds and traumas so you can move forward in your love life.

2. Rhodochrosite

This is a stone of self-love and emotional healing. It helps to soothe the soul and heal old wounds from past relationships. It also promotes self-confidence and opens up the heart chakra so you can give and receive love more easily.

3. Morganite

This is a gentle, loving, and compassionate crystal. It fosters forgiveness, understanding, and unconditional love. Morganite can help to heal old emotional wounds so that you can move forward in your love life.

4. Garnet

This crystal represents passion, energy, and courage. It can help to increase your libido and sexual energy. Garnet can also help you overcome obstacles in your love life to have the relationship you desire.

5. Chrysoprase

This is a stone of emotional healing and balance. It helps to release negative emotions such as anger, resentment, and jealousy. Chrysoprase also promotes self-love, forgiveness, and compassion.

6. Turquoise

Turquoise healing stone.

This is a stone of protection and friendship. It can help to attract new love into your life. Turquoise also promotes trust, honesty, and loyalty in relationships.

7. Malachite

Malachite healing stone for love.

This is a powerful stone of transformation. It helps to break down old behavior patterns that no longer serve you. If your heart chakra is blocked, malachite will help to unblock it and enable the free flow of love in both directions.

8. Lepidolite

This is a stone of emotional balance and stability. It helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Lepidolite also promotes self-love, self-acceptance, and inner peace.

9. Fluorite

Fluorite healing crystal.

This is a stone of mental clarity and focus. It can help you see things more clearly in your relationship so that you can make decisions in your best interest. Fluorite also promotes communication and understanding.

10. Amber

Amber healing stone.

This is a stone of protection and luck. It can help to attract new love into your life. Amber also promotes fertility and commitment in relationships.

How to Use These Crystals

Now that you know which crystals are best for love, how do you use them? Here are some ideas:

As jewelry

Amber pendant.

A pendant made with amber.

You can wear crystals as jewelry or carry them in your pocket. This way, you can keep the crystal's energy close to you.

In your home

Rose quartz crystal in a bowl in living room.

You can place crystals in your home, office, or car. This will help to create a loving and supportive environment.

As part of a ritual

You can use crystals as part of a ritual or meditation. This will help you to focus on your intention and make your desires known to the universe.

In your garden

You can place crystals in your garden to create a space of love and healing.

Place them under your pillow or in your bedroom

Sleeping with crystals under your pillow or in your bedroom can help to promote love, passion, and intimacy.

It's essential to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly. This will help to keep their energy strong and focused.


Crystals can be a powerful tool to help you attract more love into your life. Use them to open your heart chakra, promote self-love, and heal old wounds. With their energies focused on love, you can create the relationship of your dreams.

So there you have it! The top 10 crystals for love. Use these crystals to attract more love into your life or to enhance the love that you already have.

Jon André Lundal

I am a spiritual practitioner that focuses on Kundalini Yoga and chakra work. I have been studying and practicing yoga for over 15 years. I am passionate about helping people to connect with their divine nature and live their lives in alignment with their highest purpose.

Jon André Lundal

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