Throat Chakra Meditation Tips

Throat Chakra Meditation Tips.

The throat chakra is our fifth chakra, and it’s commonly associated withthe color blue.

Throat Chakra And Divine Sound

As we’ll see, there’s a lot to know about this chakra. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge to both understand and effectively meditate on the throat chakra.

The physical manifestation of this energy center can be either throat or mouth. Either way, it’s no wonder it represents speech. The art of communication is a lifelong study in itself, but the “blue chakra” deals with the spiritual layers hidden behind words and sounds.

Listen to these words by Sivananda. What he is referring to is the energy that creates concepts. The voice that speaks before words are articulated.


“Articulation is the last and grossest expression of divine sound-energy. The highest manifestation of sound-energy, the primal voice, the divine voice is Para. The Para voice becomes the root-ideas or germ-thoughts.It is the first manifestation of voice. In Para, the sound remains in an undifferentiated form. Para, Pasyanti, Madhyama and Vaikhari are the various gradations of sound. Madhyama is the intermediate unexpressed state of sound. Its seat is the heart.”

– From the book “Kundalini Yoga” by Sivananda.

I will repeat what Sivananda has described above; there is a gradual ascent of the divine energy that creates speech.The energy’s final manifestation is the spoken word, but it existed before that as Para. Para is the unspoken divine voice.He then explains the various gradations. Just before the sound is expressed, it dwells in the heart chakra as Madhyama.The path of Kundalini Awakening has let me experience this ascent and know that Sivananda’s explanation is correct. To feel the Divine Voice speak silently through the heart chakra is for lack of other words amazing.

Energetic Communication

The ascent of divine sound also reveals another profound truth – the chakras are connected. Your throat chakra connects with your heart chakra. There is an interconnected system of energy within your body that communicates continually.For you, this means that meditating on one chakra can help heal another. A throat chakra meditation may be what you need to speak the truth that unlocks the heart. That’s just one example.

How Can We Meditate On The Throat Chakra?

Fortunately, the throat chakra is easy to work on and heal. Anything that involves self-expression is a great way to energize it. Singing, writing, or merely speaking what’s close to your soul will be all you need.

Music intertwines perfectly with the throat chakra. My experience is that the art of listening to music is very beneficial to the throat chakra. How is that possible, when you’re not creating the music yourself? 

My theory is that we express ourselves through the art of others. We feel their words and songs – and it becomes a cathartic experience. Can you imagine a world without music? I can’t, and I think we genuinely need music and all kinds of art to heal collectively.


We have to look at the power of mantras when we’re talking about the throat chakra.

Ancient mantras are another favorite method of mine to heal and give the throat chakra a boost. They don’t have to be old, but I believe it adds energy when the mantra has been used for thousands of years. That’s because I think the astral plane holds the intentions that were put into them initially.

When millions practice these mantras with positive energy, they become more and more powerful.

Which mantra helps the throat chakra?

My honest opinion is that all mantras do. A mantra designed to invoke peace and enlightenment will also work for the throat chakra. The same goes for Shiva or Lakshmi mantras. They all use sound to invoke positive energies, and they will all boost the throat chakra as a side-effect.

You can use the mantras below to heal every chakra. Speaking them out loud is the most effective. That way, you’ll practice your ability to use the throat chakra at the same time.

Chakras and mantras with mudras for each

As you can see, the root mantra for the throat chakra is “ham.” Sound it out with a 2-3 second duration, and that’s all you need to focus on this chakra.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. (2-3 seconds).

If you want a quick way to boost every chakra, do each mantra twice before moving on to the next chakra. Start with the root chakra and move your way up to the crown. It only takes a few minutes to complete, but it’s a beautiful way to start the day.

It will energize every chakra, and ultimately that’s what we want.