Numerology Number 8

numerology 8 number

The numerology of number 8 applies to those born on the 8th, 17th, and 26h of any month. 17 and 26 are also considered because when you add the two numbers up, they also equal 8. On the business side, these people are known to be pretty successful. Hence, starting a business would be better … Read more

Numerology of 7

numerology of 7

The numerology of 7 is fascinating, and we dive into what a person ruled by this number is like. If your life path number is seven, you’ll gain new insights today. Get a free numerology reading to start knowing your numbers. Each of the nine Numerology numbers represents some unique set of traits and personalities that … Read more

Numerology of 4

numerology of 4

This article will teach you about the numerology of 4, a digit that most especially symbolizes hard work, practicality, responsibility, and discipline. The science of numerology is rooted in the nine single-digit numbers, where each represents a respective meaning and energy that uniquely influences who we are as persons, as well as the circumstances surrounding … Read more

Numerology of 2

facts numerology of 2

The numerology of two symbolizes dualities and relationships or the coming together of two things, ideas, or people. However, what does two mean spiritually, and how can it be interpreted? Two has several unique spiritual meanings and can be a profound experience for those constantly seeing this number in their dreams and waking life. 2 … Read more

Numerology For Beginners

numerology for beginners

Numerology is the study of the meaning of numbers and their influence on human beings and historical events. Numerology is a powerful tool for self-knowledge. Therefore it is a self-help resource to achieve success in any area of life. Each number has its vibration, and knowing it serves as a guide to developing correctly in … Read more

Numerology – My Life Path Number

life path number numerology

The first number revealed in the Royal Numerology report is your Life Path Number. Do you know your Life Path Number? Calculate Your Life Path Number Calculating this number is easy. Just take all the numbers of your birthday and add them together. Let’s say you were born November 8, 1980. That becomes 11+8+1980 = (11+8+9) … Read more

Royal Numerology Review

royal numerology reading review aiden powers

After getting the Grandmaster Edition Numerology Reading from Aiden Powers, I’ve decided to write this review. Hopefully, it’s helpful and shines a light upon what you’re getting. After ordering, it took 24 hours before I received the report by email. My reading cost $49 and was the most expensive alternative, but there were two other options … Read more

Numerology Reading

royal numerology free reading

Numerology Reading That Blows Your Mind… I’ve studied numerology since my early twenties. I believe it can reveal hidden energies that affect our lives. I urge you to try this free reading by Aiden Powers that’s more accurate than any numerology reading I’ve ever had. You will be surprised… and learn how your numbers reveal when … Read more