Your Relationship With Failure Determines Your Success

Do you consider yourself a failure? If so, you shouldn't, and I'll tell you why. Failure is a sign you're on the road to success, no matter what you're trying to accomplish. Anyone who isn't failing isn't trying new things. It's healthy to fail. That's how you learn!

You should never put a label on yourself, no matter what happened in the past. How did you learn to walk as a child? By falling and getting up. Imagine a two-year-old saying: "That's it, I keep falling. I must be a loser; this is too hard for me." No child ever does that, and nobody blames the child for falling a thousand times before learning to walk. In the same way, you shouldn't blame yourself.

Get up and try again. That's the mindset that makes you successful no matter what you're trying to get. Then you'll see that you can erase the word "failure" from your dictionary. Replace it with "learning experiences" that propel you towards your goal.

If you're tired of blaming yourself and being hard on YOU for no good reason, then I suggest you listen to this free meditation with Mary Morrissey on how to create the life you truly want.

Jon André Lundal

I am a spiritual practitioner that focuses on Kundalini Yoga and chakra work. I have been studying and practicing yoga for over 15 years. I am passionate about helping people to connect with their divine nature and live their lives in alignment with their highest purpose.

Jon André Lundal

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