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Who Are My Archangels?

This is a question that many people have pondered. The good news is that there is a way to find out – an archangel test! By taking this test, you can learn the names of your personal guardian archangels.

The archangel test consists of several questions about yourself, such as your personality traits, life purpose, and spiritual beliefs. The test takes into account your individual needs and guides you in the direction of matching archangels who will be most beneficial to you.

Once you have taken the test, it is time to discover which archangels are meant for you. After taking the test, a list of possible guardian archangels will appear along with brief descriptions of each one’s specialties and ways they can help you. Read through this information carefully and pick out the two or three that seem like they might be the best fit for you.

Now it is time to get acquainted with your new personal guardian angels! Spend some time researching more about them – what they stand for, their psychology, what kind of guidance they offer, and how to connect with them. You can also reach out to a psychic reader who specializes in angel readings for further guidance.

By connecting with your guardian angels, you will be able to draw on their wisdom and healing energy to help you through any difficult times that may come your way. They are always there for you – so get ready to explore the amazing world of archangels!

Good luck and enjoy discovering your personal guardian archangels! With their gentle love and support, you will feel stronger and more confident than ever before. Trust in their divine guidance as they walk beside you in life’s journey.

Remember, archangels are always near and their grace is a beautiful balm for your spirit. So use the archangel test to unlock the mysteries of your guardian angels – they will be a source of strength and love in your life!

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5 thoughts on “Who Are My Archangels?”

  1. I asked my guardian angel to tell me his name as my instinct told me a male. I turned my head to the left to listen and heard Jerrick? Can’t seem to connect again? Is there a angel Jerrick? Appreciate your
    Thank you Patty

  2. Hey Jon my name is David Darby I’m a fire fighter in Slidell right outside of New Orleans. I started to notice things on my camera ring. The more detail I got. Looking frame by frame I seen figures all over. The will attach themselves on me and my daughter And bounce back. Her and I are Christians and my house is blessed but I believe god has giving me a vision. To see these things but I can only see them through camera/video. I also saw my daughter and I guardian angel. I took a picture from my ring doorbell. I’m not really worried about what they need to tell me I know they are they for my protection. A friend of my grandmothers who’s sees the future also a Christian told her I have a lot of angels around me. Would you know why would I be seeing all these different entities? Please I hope and pray you can help me out thank you

    • Hi David! I don’t know why exactly, but nothing is by accident in this universe. My suggestion is to go within to find the answer. What questions do you have and what may God want to tell you? If you don’t know the answer yet, that’s fine. Just contemplate it now and then and I’m sure you will find answers. Just relax, find peace, and clarity will unfold itself to you. Also, as you say you know they are there for your benefit – so maybe you should just be happy about it?


  3. I recently saw a large round purple shape with bright yellow around it. I closed my eyes and I could still see it. I cannot explain it but I could not see through it but could see the rest of the room from the side of it. I thought I was having a stroke or something and my breathing quicken and I had cold sweats. I would like to think it was a spiritual connection since I am going through some life changes and am very stressed. But someone said it was a nerve in my eye that was damaged, I have searched every where to see if it was a medical condition. I cannot find anything and I can’t find anything that says it was spiritual. I need guidance to see if it was my angels telling me to keep going and believe in myself. I will seek medical advise also.

    • Do a medical check if you’re uncertain about your experience. Spiritual experiences can be completely unique so it’s impossible to find any information. You’ll have to go within and reflect on its meaning. Some experiences take some time to understand, but you always gain something from them. Here in the West we often judge spiritual experiences so it’s best not to discuss them with un-spiritual people.

      Best wishes for your day, Cheryl



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