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Ultimate Astrology Reading

Have I told you about the incredible free astrology moon reading you get from

You enter your birth date and first name, and in seconds you’ll get a glimpse into the power of your personal moon sign.I decided to redo my moon reading yesterday.

Astrology is one area you can always go back to and learn more about yourself. The moon was in Aquarius when I was born, which means I more detached relationship with emotions than most other signs.

I intellectualize emotions. It’s amazing how much an air sign differs from a water or fire sign in that regard.I then gave their Ultimate Astrology Reading a shot.

It costs $12, and you’ll get that offer at the end of the free reading. Have to say, it’s an excellent astrology report. Fifty pages long and contains a deep dive into every planet.

All the planets’ houses are examined if you know your exact time of birth.It’s a beautiful report, so I decided to make a quick youtube video where I scroll through it.

You’ll see how it’s laid out and all the different categories that are covered. Well worth the $12, in my opinion.If you’re interested in the Ultimate Astrology Reading, you have to get the free moon reading first and then wait for the offer to pop up at the end.

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