The Magician And Judgment

My Astro-Tarot Reading

When I got the free Astro-tarot reading, I picked two cards: The Magician and Judgment.

The Magician is about creating our reality using mental power. It’s an air card, and the air is the intellect. This fits me well because I am an “airy” person. I have 7-8 or planets in air signs astrologically!

The next card was Judgment. This is a card of change or new beginnings. It can seem harsh, but everything good starts from it.

I’ve experienced some of this abrupt change or Judgment already. My dad had an accident which ended him in an induced coma for two weeks. He’s awake now, but the recovery period will be long because he injured his head in the fall.

Life challenges us in many ways, and it’s different for all of us. What’s important is that we keep our minds clear and choose to uplift our spirits, encouraging those around us and the whole world indirectly.

You can’t always make everything perfect, but you can use meditation and self-knowledge to become more resilient to change.

The world is changing quickly.

This is a time when it’s more important than ever to be conscious of what we feed our minds and souls.

I ordered myself an Astro-Tarot and will tell you more about it when I get it. The free reading provided a few key insights that I needed, so I’m excited to read the whole report.

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