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Tara Brach – Meditation And Psychotherapy

Tara Brach wants to integrate mindfulness into clinical practice

While there is little doubt that meditation and mindfulness could help psychotherapists in their daily practice, not many have the background to teach this with integrity.

Tara Brach does — she has been teaching meditation since 1975, and she holds a PhD in clinical psychology.

Is this training only for mental health professionals?

The free webinar and the course itself benefits both mental health professionals and those who seek to heal painful emotions and overcome limiting beliefs.Tara draws upon her vast knowledge of Buddhist psychology and meditation to achieve groundbreaking results with her students. If you’re interested in learning more about her novel yet scientific approach, you can enroll for her free 1-hour webinar.

Webinar Highlights

tara brach meditation and psychotherapy online 2020 course

Tara Brach

  • The rewards of bringing mindfulness practice into the therapeutic setting—for both the therapist and the client
  • The power of self-compassion
  • The critical role of mindfulness during traumatic times and how mindfulness can support social transformation and humanity’s evolution
  • A guided “RAIN” meditation for embracing ourselves with loving attention

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Meditation And Psychotherapy Course

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to benefit mental health professionals, their clients and anyone interested in using the core techniques, practices, and insights from Buddhist psychology for emotional healing and greater awareness.

What will I learn from it?

Tara Brach unites the two worlds of clinical practice and Buddhist meditation. You will learn how to use the best of both to become a more complete person, capable of enjoying life to its fullest. Click below to see details.

When does it begin?

The course begins on Monday, August 17. It is not possible to enrol after this date, because the course includes several LIVE online events.All of the course is completed online, which means you can join from anywhere.