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The Power of Conscious Marketing

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The Power of Conscious Marketing Jon Lundal is an affiliate of Why Do We Need Conscious Marketing? In today’s world, online shopping is snowballing. Customers expect goods and services providers to deliver up to their expectations without feeling over-promised or over-priced. They want honest providers with high ethical values who are heart-centered, transparent, and … Read more

Eckhart Tolle – Conscious Manifestation 2020 – June

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Advertisement Eckhart Tolle: Conscious Manifestation 2020 Eckhart Tolle is one of my favorite spiritual teachers, and this month he opens his new manifestation program called Conscious Manifestation 2020.It’s time limited. To participate in this you have between May 28 – June 25 to join. Eckhart Tolle’s Unique Spirituality I remember reading his books and discussing … Read more


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Advertorial – Affiliate of Who are the Archangels? Archangels are spirits who come to us with love, understanding, acceptance and deep compassion. They work for God and ensure we get the best while offering us multiple options to choose from. But they do obey the law of free will: that is, they want to … Read more