Search and you will find. 

You are the master of your mind.

Have you ever been stuck in a habit where you see more of the bad than the good? I know I have done that sometimes, and it's nothing more than a habit. It's not reality. Or, it becomes a reality if we continue seeing that way.

No matter what you search for, you will find. Think of one positive thing that happened to you today, and you'll find it. Even if ten other bad things happened, you could choose to cherish the good. Changing your focus changes your mind and even your biochemistry. Happy hormones begin to circulate in your body.

Sometimes it isn't easy to convince your mind to focus on happy thoughts. It's often easier to help someone else do it. If you are unable to uplift yourself, find something nice to say to someone you care about. Their day will be brighter, and so will yours. It's the law of karma and doing unto others what you want to be done to you.

Even if you count all the bad versus good things that happen worldwide, and the bad outnumber the good, there's still reason to smile. God is greater than all those things combined, and all of them combined are a speck of dust compared to the divine light and goodness.

Focus a little more on the positive things each day, and your mind will become stronger and happier. If you know that the greatest force in the universe is pure goodness, it becomes a little easier to start the day searching for reasons to find joy, happiness, wisdom, and enlightenment.

Jon André Lundal

I am a spiritual practitioner that focuses on Kundalini Yoga and chakra work. I have been studying and practicing yoga for over 15 years. I am passionate about helping people to connect with their divine nature and live their lives in alignment with their highest purpose.

Jon André Lundal

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