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Quick Meditation Technique

Meditation isn’t complex, but your mind can make it so. The instant you sit down to meditate, it creates a thousand thoughts to distract you.Fortunately, your mind isn’t as persistent as it seems to be.

I have discovered a simple technique that can help you overcome the initial barrier to meditation.When you’re sitting there, trying to attain the blissful state of mindless meditation, and your mind starts making excuses about why you can’t do it or what’s wrong with this particular moment, count to 15.

Count to 15 before you indulge in the mind’s attempt to derail you. Your mind may say, “oh, it’s too cold in here,” or “maybe I should check my phone first..”.

You must realize this is how the mind tricks you when trying to meditate.Instead of starting the mental conversation and answering the mind’s chatter, slowly count to 15 and observe the thought fade away.

If another thought comes up after that, count to 15. It will soothe the mind, and each attempt will be weaker at distracting you.

This little technique may seem too simple to do anything, but it is, in my experience, potent. The lesson you will learn is that you are the master of your mind and decide which thoughts you welcome at any time.

When you choose to meditate, nothing can stop you, and over time your mind will respect that and give you more peaceful meditations.

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