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Qi-Gong For Beginners

Qi-Gong is an alternative therapy from China to improve the quality of life by properly managing one’s energy. 

This therapy uses breathing, exercises, postures, meditation, and self-massage to enhance energy circulation in the body. 

The main goal of Qi-Gong is to balance the body’s energy so that the body is healthy and well-nourished in every way. 

This discipline seeks to educate the body, mind, and breathing to balance our essence and spirit.

Here is a Qi-Gong theory introduction to better understand the subject.

Starting Your Qi-Gong Practice

Qi-Gong means “energy work,” the goal of this discipline is to learn to manage one’s own energy to achieve mental, physical, and spiritual balance.

To achieve this, Qi-Gong is based on three points: breathing, concentration, and movement. This technique consists of static postures, sitting postures, marches, and dynamic movements. 

While performing them, the practitioner must be focused on what he/she is doing while maintaining conscious breathing.

A Qi-Gong session’s order is as follows: self-massage, joint unblocking, a static pose is practiced, then a dynamic movement is practiced. 

At the end of the session, meditation is done while keeping in mind various visualizations aimed at the individual’s general well-being.


The Goal of Qi-Gong

The goal of Qi-Gong is to optimize the energy of the human body to the maximum. 

Those who practice this discipline believe that optimizing the body’s energy facilitates the path to inner peace, freedom, happiness, and spiritual enlightenment.

This method is supported by meditation, thus enabling the making of good decisions. It also improves interpersonal relationships. The practitioner becomes more empathetic and better understand others.

Qi-Gong practitioners believe that the correct flow of energy enables the overall well-being of the individual. They claim that energy imbalances are the cause of physical and mental illnesses.

This method requires perseverance and commitment. The practitioner should choose a comfortable place to exercise. Regular practice of Qi-Gong improves all areas of an individual’s life, including work performance.

qi-gong in nature

everyone can do Qi-Gong

One of the keys to Qi Gong’s success is that this method can be followed by anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. It is not necessary to be physically fit, to begin with.

The postures that are performed do not involve any complexity, as is Yoga or Pilates’ case. Women and men of all ages can practice this technique. 

There is no constant need for an instructor to guide a session since each individual can practice it alone if he/she wishes.

This accessible practice has made it well accepted among doctors, athletes, artists, and business people. 

The only thing that Qi Gong requires is a constancy in the exercises. This discipline should be practiced every day for 30 minutes each session. 

Positive results are expected after two months of daily practice.

Qi-Gong Brings Wellness to all

Qi Gong is a discipline that anyone can follow. However, this method improves the quality of life of each individual in a particular way.

This method is preferably practiced outdoors to take advantage of the oxygenation of a natural setting.

qi-gong by the ocean

Qi-Gong For Children

The youngest family members learn to control their bodies and develop a correct balance of movements.

Qi Gong promotes learning by enhancing concentration and memory. Children pay more attention to what their parents and teachers tell them.

Qi-Gong For Adults

Qi Gong provides good management of stress and complex situations of daily life. Adults learn to relax and to make every part of their body more flexible.

After a Qi Gong session, the adult feels more vital and full of energy to carry out their activities.

Qi-Gong For the Elderly

It boosts the cognitive system improving memory and understanding. Qi Gong strengthens body balance, avoiding stumbles and falls. 

This technique also favors the development of muscular flexibility at any age.

Qi-Gong For Athletes

Qi Gong enhances endurance, greater control of movements, enhances the intense muscular effort, and strengthens the osteoarticular structure.

Qi-Gong For Businessmen

Qi Gong meditation promotes smart decision-making, no matter how tricky a business is.

Thanks to stress management and control of emotions, there is an improvement in work performance.

Qi-Gong For Artists

The peace of mind that Qi Gong brings favors the development of creativity in artists.

A stress-free mind creates original ideas that help artistically.

Qi Gong benefits

qi-gong introduction

Practicing Qi Gong promotes physical and psychological well-being that improves the quality of life of the individual.

1. Increase of energy: The body’s energy channels are opened thanks to the execution of slow and moderate exercises. Those who practice Qi Gong always have a lot of energy. This influences better fertility and sexuality.

2. Control of emotions: Qi Gong favors the development of attention and concentration. This allows good management of emotions since our mind is calm and clear.

3. Focusing on the present time: this millenary practice focuses on the current time. Therefore there is no sadness for the past or anxiety for the future. Qi Gong concentrates on the happiness of the present time.

4. Reduces stress: those who practice Qi Gong develop an inner peace that allows them to manage all the problems that may arise during the day. The individual feels calm regardless of the circumstances.

5. Good sleep: Qi Gong facilitates a deep sleep that then manifests itself in a productive day.

6. Optimizes any recovery: it is convenient to practice Qi Gong after an injury or surgery. This technique increases the flow of energy and optimizes blood circulation in the affected areas.

qi-gong practice

This Qi Gong introduction shows how this millenary discipline works and how it can improve our daily lives. It needs to be practiced every day, 30 minutes each day.

The wonderful thing about Qi Gong is that everyone can practice it without requiring any previous skill. This technique works to improve the flow of energy, which is the basis of general well-being. The blood circulation is boosted, favoring the oxygenation of each of our organs.

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