10 Tips for Using Prayers to Call Forth Angels

The power of prayer has been used for millennia to call upon angels, seeking guidance, direction, and support. Prayers can help us access the angelic realm, where spiritual beings are ready to assist us in our daily lives. Here are 10 essential tips for using prayer to call forth angels and invite them into your life.

1. Set Your Intention

Take a few moments before you begin praying to set your intention. This will ensure that your prayers align with what is in your highest good and that you’re focusing on divine grace, peace, love, and joy instead of fear or worry. Sending out love-based energy will create an opening between you and the angelic realm so they can respond easily.

2. Connect With Your Heart Space

When you’re ready to pray, connect with your heart space for a few moments. This will help you relax and open up to the higher frequencies of angels so they can be heard and felt more easily.

3. Speak From Love and Gratitude

Prayers should always come from a place of love and gratitude. Expressing thanks for all you have in life is one way to invite the angels into your world, as this shows that you trust their guidance and are open to receiving it.

4. Know Which Angel To Reach Out To

Depending on what you need assistance with, knowing which angel is best suited for the situation at hand is helpful. Ensure you’re clear about what kind of support you’re asking for and who is best to provide it.

Uriel the archangel writing into a book. He has wings and his head is surrounded by a glorious halo.
Call on Uriel, the angel of knowledge and illumination, when you need guidance in life.
ArchangelWhat They Can Help WithInvocation Mantra
Archangel MichaelProtection, strength, and courage“God, surround me with the protective energy of Archangel Michael”
Archangel GabrielCommunication and clarity of thought“Divine Presence, I invoke the guidance of Archangel Gabriel”
Archangel RaphaelHealing, guidance, and finding inner peace“Healing angel Raphael, bless me with your presence”
Archangel UrielIllumination and understanding of the unknown“Uriel, Lord of Light, bring divine insight and revelation to me”
Archangel ChamuelConnecting to unconditional love and compassion for all living beings“I open my heart and call upon the love of God and Archangel Chamuel”
Angel JophielInspiring wisdom and beauty in life’s experiences“Divine inspiration guide me. Archangel Jophiel, be near me”
Angel ZadkielForgiving yourself, healing sorrows & letting go of bitterness“I call on Zadkiel, the Angel of mercy, to free my soul.”
Angel RazielInner knowledge & unlocking esoteric mysteries“Let the wings of Raziel carry my prayers to heaven”
Angel MetatronGuiding your soul on its spiritual journey“Metatron, help me ascend higher in my spiritual journey.”
Angel ArielAbundance & material help when needed“Ariel, as I breathe in life I ask for your abundance”

5. Be Specific and Humble

When making a request in your prayer, be specific but also humble. It can be helpful, to begin with, phrases like “help me understand…” or “guide me toward my highest good…” This will ensure that the angels know exactly where and how best to assist you.

6. Receive Messages Through Imagination and Intuition

Although angels usually don’t speak directly, they often send messages through imagination, intuition, and emotions. Pay attention to the subtle signs they may give, as these can be profound ways of understanding their presence in your life.

7. Write Down Ideas and Insights

Leather journal on wooden table.

When you receive messages from the angels, it’s important to write them down, so you don’t forget the insights they provide. Keeping a journal nearby can help with this process, as it will allow you to record any thoughts or visions that come through during your prayer time.

8. Hold Sacred Space for Yourself

Taking time out of your day to pray is essential in order to maintain balance and harmony in your life. This allows you to open up fully and create a safe space for angelic connection. Make sure that this sacred space is kept just for spiritual purposes only and honor it accordingly.

9. Invite The Angels Into All Aspects of Life

Praying can be done anytime, anywhere. Invite the angels into all aspects of your life – when you go to work, take care of children, or even if you’re about to embark on a challenging task. This will help ensure that the angels are always with you and open up their powerful frequencies in all areas of your life.

10. Trust in Divine Timing

Finally, it is important to remember that the angels will answer your prayers at their own pace. So while patience may be needed at times, trust that everything is unfolding according to divine timing and let things unfold naturally.

By following these essential tips for using prayer to call forth angels, you can receive divine guidance and create a strong connection with the angelic realm that will support you throughout every step of your life.

Have faith and trust that they will answer when you call upon them!

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  1. At 3:33 am and pm it always seems I am either awakened or am just made aware of the time, for some important reason, obviously Gods plan. I know this is my “special time” to pray ” thanking God the almighty, the creator of Heaven and Earth, for everything He has given us, including the good obedient Angels, our Guardian Angels and the Arch Angels, who all protect us from the wicked and evil that is lurking everywhere. Amen.


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