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The Power of Conscious Marketing

The Power of Conscious Marketing

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Why Do We Need Conscious Marketing?

In today’s world, online shopping is snowballing. Customers expect goods and services providers to deliver up to their expectations without feeling over-promised or over-priced.

They want honest providers with high ethical values who are heart-centered, transparent, and put their needs first before financial gain.

For brands to achieve this goal, they’ll need to practice effective marketing consciousness by tactfully combining various marketing strategies and mindfulness techniques in their day-to-day business activities.

One of the best and effective solution brands can use to familiarize with practical conscious marketing techniques is by undertaking an online course that expounds on various tips and considerations that guarantee high customer satisfaction and acquisition. One good example of such a course is The Power of Conscious Marketing, formulated by Kylie Slavik and Richard Taubinger.

Both Richard and Kylie have diverse expertise and skills in the marketing field for over a decade. According to these experts, it’s the sole responsibility of business owners and executives to deliver their services to the right people who need them; and they’re more than willing to help businesses achieve this objective.Richard and Kylie insist on the cruciality of effective marketing, saying that it can favorably impact a consumer’s decision to make a purchase or not; so, you might want to ensure that it’s applied optimally.

Their course aims to help you identify and serve those consumers requiring your services through verified and practical marketing codes.

Free 3-Part Webinar Series On Conscious Marketing

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What is The Power of Conscious Marketing?

It is a 5-week online course that equips entrepreneurs and business owners with various high-end skills and knowledge on effective conscious marketing to improve their brand’s performance and customer acquisition in 2021 and other years to come.

With this program, you’ll be able to learn some of the following things;

1. How you can stand out in a highly crowded and competitive business market.

2. How to develop a marketing plan that’s best for your social media approaches and other essential business launches.

3. How to create a unique connection with your consumers by perfecting your core motives.

4. Best tips to win your audience’s hearts and capture their attention.

5. Best strategies for a profit-centered business instead of a cost-centered one.

6. The most incredible online opportunities available today.

7. Ways of creating powerful offers that effortlessly get consumers’ attention.

Who Will Benefit From This Program?

The Power of Conscious Marketing is best for any enterprise or firm that wants to make a difference this year by improving and expanding their brand’s impact in terms of influence, transformation, customer engagement, and income. It’s an online course intended for the following groups of people;

1. Individuals believing in the power of business and its beneficial impact on people.

2. Poor marketers who want to make a difference by serving others.

3. Unsuccessful marketers who wish to know how to improve their market presence and thrive like other successful individuals in the field.

4. Therapists, yoga and fitness instructors, parenting and relationship couches, spiritual authors, healers, osteopaths, herbalists, naturopaths, and more.

5. Teachers, leaders, and other trainers such as professional tutors.6. Any other individual or brand willing to improve their marketing strategies.

However, if you are among the following individuals, this program can be vague for you;1. Entrepreneurs and business owners who only prioritize filling their pockets before handling customers’ needs and pain points.2. Individuals interested in getting a certification for marketing.3. People who hate corrections and learning from others and are not open to new concepts.4. Business owners who don’t care about others and marketing strategies.5. Individuals who don’t want to use their ventures as a tool to improve their local consumer base.6. Folks who are not ready to do what it takes after and during the online course.

The Power of Conscious Marketing Features

1. Live training with Kylie and Richard for five weeks

After enrolling in this program, you’ll access a total of eight live training sessions, each with a Q&A session as a bonus. The training segments last for one and a half hours. Kylie and Richard take you through critical conscious marketing tips and details you can use to enhance your brand’s core, longevity, and performance.

The eight pieces of training are as follows (in descending order):

i) Principles of Conscious Marketing

ii) Intimacy Marketing

iii) Creation of Conscious products and services

iv) A 5-step to tell your story

v) Leveraging of paid ads and social media communities

vi) Creation of social media story when you have less time.

vii) Creating a plan for digital marketing

viii) How to connect using emails.

2. Access to an online community for members only.

Once you’re a member, you’ll get to access a Facebook group where you’ll interact and share with the program’s participants worldwide and from your area of residence.

From this platform, you ask, share, and get answers, reflections, and insights from other members and understand various teaching guides’ topics.

3. Access to a secret portal where you can download all training information

You’ll also be given login details to a secret portal where you can access and download all course teaching materials like transcripts, videos, drawings, and audios. You won’t have to despair about missing a lesson because you can easily access them later. However, it’s still highly recommendable not to miss the classes.

Bonuses you’ll get for receiving this program

1. Three relevant talks about Inner MBA

These are prerecorded talks about Inner MBA, where you’ll learn critical tips from the stories of various leading business trainers, CEOs, and teachers about their most effective practices to boost your purpose and resilience.

2. How you can decolonize and integrate your story

Here, Nikka Karli will lead you through analyzing personal experiences you can use to inquire and understand a brand associated with a specific form of biases, racism, or privileges and change the perception associated with it.

3. Ways you can use to include attention-grabbing videos in your business’s launches and promos.

Richard Taubinger will explain how you can develop and incorporate promotional videos that consumers can connect with during promotions and other launches.

4. Podcast Alchemy

Here, Kylie Slavak will guide you on how to come up with a podcast audience and develop a good story/message that will interest thousands of people.

5. An Inner MBA enrollment credit worth $500

All members receive a $500 credit to enroll in an Inner MBA program where you’ll get a certificate upon completion.

Conscious Marketing Summary

With all that’s happening globally, most business activities occurring remotely using various online courses and tools, thus increasing the need for online learning programs for businesses. As more customers continuously use online shopping, they prefer buying from a specific provider, and not just anyone that comes their way.

Therefore it’s critical for brands to clearly explain what they have to offer customers, exactly who they are, and their business beliefs using effective high-end Conscious Marketing strategies.

If you wish to improve your business through proper marketing, The Power of Conscious Marketing can give you just what you need.

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