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Power of Awareness | Jack Kornfield And Tara Brach

Invitation To Join Webinar With Jack And Tara

Do you want to see how the power of awareness can transform your life? Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach invite you to join their free webinar.

power of awareness kornfield brach

The Power of Awareness — A Transformative Mindfulness Training

A few times a year Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield open the doors to their 7-week exclusive mindfulness training. The next training starts January 4, 2021. Are you interested in transforming your life with the power of awareness?

power of awareness kornfield brach mindfulness training

Free Webinar Highlights:

How to develop “lovingkindness” and see the inner beauty of those around you.

How to expand your “Circle of Affection”—don’t forget to include yourself!

How to overcome negative self-talk, the unconscious “trance of unworthiness,” and other limiting beliefs.

How to honor suffering in your own life with awareness and compassion. Join the webinar here.