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Photography As Meditation

I intended to keep this website’s focus on spirituality and not involve other aspects of my life, but I’ve realized the things we enjoy the most become important to tell the whole story.

Photography has for the past few years been one of those.

More specifically, it’s been landscape photography that’s been the most rewarding and meditative.

The North Cape in Norway

May 23. I visited the North Cape which is only 30 minutes away from where I live in Norway. The Midnight Sun was shining beautifully. It doesn’t set for two whole months each summer which makes it seem like daytime 24/7.

Being outside, watching the wildlife and the changing of the seasons is a beautiful experience. It’s spiritual to me.

You may have something else in your life that gives you the same joy.

When you truly enjoy doing it, it becomes meditation to you. It stills the mind and lets you focus completely on the task at hand.

Shakti Through The Camera Lens

If you know a bit about me, you’ll know that Kundalini is very important to me on the spiritual path.

Shakti is when the divine energy becomes manifest and active. As it is in nature.

Kundalini can be substituted for the for word Divine. The manifestation of it can be seen in all that’s created, if we look closely.

When I look through the lens, and try to compose a shot I can be happy with, I have to strive every time.

In addition, I strive to see new details and find the best angle of view to bring out its beauty.

There’s beauty in all places if we look at them the right way. The great thing about a photograph is that you get to keep the result.

Gjesvær on Magerøya, Norway

This photograph was taken above the small village of Gjesvær on Magerøya, Norway. The island you see in the background is called Stappan, and it is the home of more than one million birds every summer.

Your Creative Outlet Is Meditation

Meditation isn’t always easy. Neither is being creative. But both are very rewarding and they can go hand in hand.

Music, dance, woodworking, knitting, they’re all creative. They require focus and dedication and all do great things for the mind.

Being creative also energizes the sacral chakra.

Cherish your favorite activities and you’ll see that find both the meditative and the spiritual within them.

Visit My Gallery

To see more of the island I live on here in Norway, you’ll browse my gallery here.

It will be updated regularly, but already has moments from every season.

Our cold winters last 7-8 months and include the Northern Lights. Springtime is explosive and short and is filled with small, beautiful arctic flower and foliage.

The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) seen dancing about the city where I live, Honningsvåg in Norway. I took this photo late october this winter, 2019.

All the photographs in my gallery are available as prints in a variety of sizes with worldwide shipping, delivered by Fine Art America.

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