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Pema Chödrön – The Freedom to Love Online Course

Pema Chödrön is a dear name to many. She has practiced Tibetan Buddhism since the early 1970s. Her devotion and continuing search for knowledge resulted in several appraised books. In 1981 she became the first American ordained as a nun within the Vajrayana tradition.Her new course, “The Freedom to Love,” is the culmination of more than 50 years of mindfulness practice and a life dedicated to the spiritual path.

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Free Ebook


5 Teachings of Pema Chödrön


I have truly enjoyed reading this 17-page long Ebook. It is the perfect short read filled with inspirational nuggets, but also more profound wisdom.

You get this Ebook entirely for free by clicking on this link. Not everybody will have the opportunity to join Pema’s new course. If you do, you can learn more about it in the next section.

pema chodron 5 teachings of pema ebook

Free Ebook Includes:

Heart Wisdom

How to Tap into the Natural Warmth of Your Heart.


Why Meditation Is Vital.

Enjoyment of Life

How to Make the Most of Your Day — and Your Life.


How to Develop Unconditional Compassion.

Course Highlights

In these challenging times, are you finding it hard to be the compassionate and openhearted person you know you truly are?

Four Limitless Qualities

In this course, you’ll learn the four limitless qualities—lovingkindness, equanimity, compassion, and joy—and how to apply them to your life. Cultivating these practices will open your heart, counter the distortions in your relationships with yourself and others, and allow you to deepen into yourself. 

Create Beautiful Relationships

Cultivate practices that will open your heart, counter the distortions in your relationships with yourself and others and deepen into yourself.

Overcome Obstacles of the Heart

This course also includes working with the obstacles to the four limitless qualities—closeddownness, fear, a sense of lack or jealousy, and prejudice/bias. These obstacles are used as stepping stones to discover the four limitless qualities, which are their opposites.

Learn more and enroll today.

Pema Chödrön is one of the best teachers in the world when it comes to mindfulness, meditation and matters of the spiritual heart. I fully endorse the course and have become an affiliate because I love sharing teachings that uplift humanity.