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Moon Sign Astrology

Astrology is the science that studies the influence of the stars on human beings, historical processes, and facts of the nature of the planet Earth.

This science is a valuable tool of self-knowledge that allows us to better develop and relate positively with others.

Astrology offers a handy resource: the birth chart.

This diagram indicates each individual’s planetary positions based on the date, time, and place of birth.

One of the most critical aspects of the birth chart is the moon’s position, which indicates each individual’s emotional world, among other elements. 

Moon sign astrology represents every human being’s feminine side, the relationship with the mother, the affective reactions, and how to express feelings.

The moon symbolizes women, mothers, family, and home life. The most significant degree of influence of the moon on the individual occurs in childhood, up to approximately 12 years of age.

However, the moon influences us emotionally throughout life.

moon phases

The moon is always changing its appearance – this constant change is part of the fascination humanity has had with the moon.

Moon sign astrology: revealing your inner world

The Moon sign points to the unconscious world of each individual. The moon manifests itself always through our behavior without our being aware of it. This moon indicates what each needs to feel emotionally secure in their relationship with others.

The moon also shows how each person dreams and imagines in their daily life. It also influences the oneiric world of each individual.

Through a birth chart, you can find out in which astrological sign the moon is located. This information illuminates the individual’s unconscious world and makes it visible to improve unknown aspects of oneself.

To know about our moon is to embrace that strange part that we all have and give it the importance it deserves so that this energy flows freely in our lives.

moon close-up

The moon sign and nutrition

Moon sign astrology is directly related to the way we feed ourselves. To follow a healthy diet throughout your life, you must know what your moon is asking of you, based on the astrological sign where it is located.

You must pay attention to your moon and give it what it needs. Keep in mind that each individual has particular nutritional needs.

Your moon will ask that you nourish yourself healthily, that your diet is flexible, and that you can eat something delicious without guilt once a week.

Logically, you should follow an eating plan made by a nutritionist, but remember to respect and attend to your moon’s nutritional needs to have a balanced diet.

The moon also exerts a powerful magnetism on the metabolism and body fluids such as blood, sperm, sweat, lymph, and body fat. Therefore, a nutritious diet that takes into account the needs of the moon is vitally important.

Lunar cycles are closely related to female menstrual cycles. A lunar cycle lasts the same length as the female cycle: 28 days. The woman’s character is cyclical, varied, and surprising, which is an analogy of the moon’s characteristics.

The moon sign and the relationship with the mother

One of the most critical aspects of the moon is the influence it has on motherhood.

The moon symbolizes the beginning of life and the maternal instinct. It signals the type of bond that an individual will have with their mother throughout life, although this relationship is most intense during childhood.

The mother should study her birth chart and fundamentally a birth chart of her baby. This will favor her self-knowledge and the possibility of interpreting the needs of her child.

According to the astrological sign where the moon is located, the baby will have particular needs. The mother should know this information so that she can give her child everything he needs.

moon sign calculation birth chart

Your birth chart reveals your moon sign. Scroll to the bottom of this article to get your moon sign calculated plus a free moon sign reading.

Moon in each astrology sign

The moon expresses itself differently depending on the astrological sign where it is located in the natal chart. Moon sign astrology will reveal your inner world and the best way to live in harmony.

Below is a brief description of each moon.

Moon in Aries

moon sign aries

Positive: courageous, daring, independent, enthusiastic, leaders.Negative: aggressive, impulsive, anxious, thoughtless.

Moon in Taurus

moon sign astrology taurus

Positive: patience, serenity, perseverance, affection, loyalty.Negative: hedonism, refusal to change, possessiveness, resentment, attachment to routines.

Moon in Gemini

gemini lunar sign astrology

Positive: good communication, fun, playfulness, kindness, freedom of expression.Negative: instability, lies, uncontrolled emotions, hysteria.

Moon in Cancer

moon signs astrology cancer

Positive: intuition, empathy, good memory, free expression of feelings.Negative: resentment, ambivalence, overprotection, revenge, excessive nostalgia.

Moon in Leo

sign astrology leo

Positive: free expression, kindness, generosity, passion, joy.Negative: excessive pride, egocentrism, dramatism, wanting attention all the time.

Moon in Virgo

moon sign astrology virgo

Positive: order, meticulousness, neatness, intellectual development, responsibility.Negative: excessive criticism; they are absorbing, obsessive, perfectionists in excess.

Moon in Libra

moon sign astrology libra

Positive: harmony, create peaceful environments, beauty, elegance, sociability, harmonious aesthetics.Negative: indecision, superficiality, lack of character.

Moon in Scorpio

scorpio moon sign astrology

Positive: intuition, courage, passion, selflessness, protection.Negative: rancor, revenge, possessiveness, distrust.

Moon in Sagittarius

moon sign astrology sagittarius

Positive: joy, adventure, optimism, idealism.Negative: self-centeredness, wastefulness, impulsiveness.

Moon in Capricorn

moon sign capricorn

Positive: stability, endurance, ambition, responsibility.Negative: depression, excessive materialism, lack of empathy, do not express their feelings.

Moon in Aquarius

moon sign astrology aquarius

Positive: freedom, originality, solidarity.Negative: they do not express their feelings; they are distant and solitary.

Moon in Pisces

moon signs pisces

Positive: intuition, romanticism, sensitivity, solidarity.Negative: victimization, resentment, lies, manipulation.

Want To Calculate Your Moon Sign?

You can use old-school astrological charts if you have the tools and the knowledge, but it’s easier to use an online moon sign calculator.When you click the link below, you get both your moon sign calculated and a free moon sign reading.To understand your emotions, I recommend studying your moon sign. It can pay off. You’ll know what makes you happy and why, and you’ll learn to navigate life better.

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