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Meditation For Manifesting Abundance

Can you meditate your way to abundance? If so, where do you start? I’ll show you exactly how you can use meditation to manifest more abundance in your life using this “5 Minute Meditation For Manifesting Abundance“.

What Is Abundance?

Abundance is not a single thing. It can be anything that takes your life and well-being to the next level.

For some of us it is money, but what’s money without the health to enjoy it?

And what good is physical health if you’re depressed? Abundance has to affect every area of our lives to be meaningful.

Luckily, this meditation makes sure you get abundance in the area you need it the most.

5 minute meditation for manifesting abundance

How Can Meditation Manifest Abundance?

The art of manifesting abundance into our lives is intimately related to connecting with our soul. 

Your soul comes from divine materials. Therefore nothing on earth, no diamonds, and no gold can compare to the value you have inside. That is why abundance is all about letting the “gold” you have inside shine outwards.

Material abundance comes from a well-balanced root chakra, while great relationships and friends mostly come from the heart chakra.

Likewise, if knowledge is the type of wealth you want to manifest, then meditations on the third eye chakra would make more sense.

5 Minute Meditation For Manifesting Abundance

If you know the chakra system, you will know which chakra to focus on to manifest in abundance in that area.

Take a look at our introduction to the chakras, and you’ll know for sure quickly.

But this 5 Minute Meditation For Manifesting Abundance will make it even easier for you because it directs our meditation towards Ganesha.

Ganesha Meditation Abundance Every Way

Ganesha is the supreme deity when it comes to removing obstacles and giving you precisely what you need to manifest abundance.

Step 1: Sit in a relaxed position and breathe slowly and deliberately.

Step 2: Ask Ganesha to bless your life with abundance.

Step 3: Use the mantra below. Recite it aloud or within your mind and soul.

Mantra: Om Hreem Greem Hreem

Sit with this mantra and connect with it for 5 minutes. Allow Ganesha to bless your life with abundance. He is a kind, benevolent, and intelligent energy-being.

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