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5 Questions That Manifest Abundance

Do you feel excited about life? Are you learning new things and growing?

Or are you stuck in habits that drain you? Are you living a life where every day seems the same?

Has life lost passion? Excitement? Wonder?

Don’t worry! You can fix that. I’m going to show you five ways to bring back LIFE into your life. After reading this, you’ll become empowered. You may even realize that you have everything you need within you to change your life into experiences you will cherish.

Through five simple questions, you’ll gain insight into your relationship with abundance and how to take this to the next level.


Are you a machine?

Modern life focuses on how much you can produce. How fast you can do it. This way of life goes against the spirit and soul in you. You can’t measure yourself by this method.

Your being is creative. 

It thrives on new experiences, learning new things, and creating for yourself and others. Bring this knowledge into daily life, and you’ll free yourself of the expectation of being like a machine.


Do you dare to dream?

faith and spirituality - dove flying beneath skies

Can you remember being a child? How you used to dream about things you wanted, and how those dreams excited you?

Never let go of your ability to dream. 

Dream of realities beyond what you have today. Try it right now and see how that vision excites you. Why is that? I believe it is a natural mechanism of mind and soul to envision a reality from our desires.They taught you to be happy with what you have, but that meant losing your dreams! Be pleased with keeping them alive, and you’ll be richer for it.There are many reasons why this is important. Those dreams become the fuel that opens you up to possibilities. It would help if you stayed open to allow abundance to flow into your life. This is true for every type of abundance; money, health, relationships, and time freedom.


What do you love?

To create a life you love, you need to know what excites you, what you love about life.How can you bring more of that into your life, into your work, and into your spare time?Maybe you’ve always dreamt of turning your passion into a business? Today, there are so many ways to create your dream job. If you have specific knowledge you want to share, you can publish eBooks or offer to coach.You can blog and turn your words into a business, which I am doing right here on this page. It’s my passion to try and help people, to give out positive energy, because I believe all of that comes back to us.

Ask yourself: How can I craft the vision of my dream life?

Join Mary Morrissey, the expert dream builder, in this quick13-minute dream-life vision meditationto empower your ideas on how you want your life to be!


Are you stuck in the past?

The past is the past. Let it go. Your future will thank you. I know it’s hard to do, but you have to embrace the present moment to create a new dream.

Letting go of the past frees up so much energy. You’ll use this energy to enjoy the present moment, but also to create a beautiful future for yourself. Doing this creates a loop of gratitude that will attract abundance into every part of your life.


Can you reprogram your mind?

What you think about success, abundance, happiness, or money is a crucial aspect of what you’re attracting into your life.

Are you playing “small”? Do you believe that it’s your place in life to be humble? Where I come from, “success” is frowned upon and even discouraged. Is it the same where you’re from, perhaps?

We inherit our way of thinking from an early age. The people close to us shape the way we see the world. That makes us fit in, but does it serve us later in life?

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I’m a spiritual person that values the spirit above all. I dedicate a significant amount of my time to meditation.

As spiritual people, we’re supposed to think that money is evil. Wait. What?

Do you subconsciously block abundance?

Release and overcome your abundance blocks today…

Having time is necessary for spiritual practice, but the means to that time is often money, so how can money be evil?Money is just another form of energy. You can have it, use it, give it away, whatever you want. It’s no different than having water! If you’re in a desert, with miles to walk, thirst striking your throat every second, money would have no value.If you want to attract something into your life, be aware of your thoughts surrounding it. How can you draw something you subconsciously think badly of into your life? You can’t, or you won’t be as effective as you could be.Creating a second income of a few thousand dollars each month could change many people’s lives. Today, it’s not impossible. There are more possibilities than ever before with the internet.

What do you feel when you read these words?

Love…Success…Dream Life…Happiness…Money…

Does one or two words stand out to you? Which do you like? Dislike?

Can you find any negative beliefs that could stop you from manifesting in your life? Perhaps you have mostly positive thoughts on some of them, while others get covered with negativity?

Write down all these thoughts on paper – it’s a great exercise to become aware of your abundance blocks.Will every kind of abundance rain down on you after my post?

Will you jump with joy because you realize life supports your every desire?

Will 2021 be your best year ever?Perhaps. But in my experience, it will be gradual progress, as it has been for me. Please make no mistake about it; I’m not an expert on this at all. I learn every day.I believe I’ve given you something to think about and that you will discover what you need to attract, be open to, and welcome abundance in every way.

$12300 And A Few Abundance Blocks Later

Suppose you’re interested in accelerating this progress exponentially and cut the time you spend trying to master your mind into months instead of years. In that case, I want you to join Mary Morrissey’s free webinar.

Mary Morrissey helped me become aware of abundance blocks I couldn’t see on my own. 

Clearing those blocks helped me earn $12300 in just under three weeks. How? Through my favorite kind of online business, affiliate marketing, which is what I’m focusing on this year and in 2021.

I’ve attempted to succeed at affiliate marketing for three years, but I couldn’t get a breakthrough. What changed? My whole way of thinking. Abundance blocks, lack-mindset, and negative thoughts swamped me. I did the work myself, but reprogramming my mind was essential.

The breakthrough came in June when I became an affiliate for SoundsTrue’s online courses. If you’re interested in copying my path, you can join the affiliate program too (it’s completely free). They have many great spiritual teachers features, including Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, and Jack Kornfield.

I must warn you if you’re going after the money right away. It is better to start with your mindset. Reprogram and transform your abundance blocks first. Then give yourself time to think about what you want to do in life.

Your interests and goals may be very different, but the right mindset takes you there faster. 

Don’t spend years like me when the tools to get there in a fraction of time is available to you.

Do your future self a great favor, and at least listen to the free resources I’ve listed in this article. The world is yours if you want it to be. Most others charge thousands for what Mary Morrissey gives away for free.


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