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Manifest Anything You Want

This manifestation technique may be the best I know. It doesn’t cost anything, and anyone can do it. You don’t need special skills or esoteric knowledge.

I believe the universe operates with goodness at the center. Good is a short four-letter word that is very hard to define. Sometimes it isn’t easy to see or find, but it is always there.

We could spend days philosophizing around this, but I want to make this short and get to the technique that can manifest wonders in your life.

“The positive intention to give manifests anything.”

That is the whole technique, the whole teaching I have come to realize again and again. Giving is how good flows out of us. Remember that nothing in this universe can disappear. It can only change form, and my experience is that ultimately what we give out comes back to us.

The “trick” is that giving takes the focus from the ego’s desires and into a higher plane. It is the overcoming of greed that keeps us small and scared.

Give with good intentions, and you’ll manifest things you want and need. How that happens is impossible to map precisely. We don’t have to know how everything works.

Give a smile, some helpful advice, be present with someone… the possibilities are endless. The point is that we’re connected to the great All, and everything we do speaks to that divine intelligence. God. Goddess.

When you give, you realize you’re already rich with everything that matters in this world—a heart, kindness, presence, knowledge, divinity.

Focus a little more on giving instead of what you’re getting, and you’ll find greater peace. You may also attract and manifest more and more of the blessings you cherish in life.

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