Lucid Dreaming Training Program With Andrew Holecek

Awaken In Your Dreams.

Learn how to lucid dream with Andrew Holecek — master teacher and author of several books on lucid dreaming. His new program The Lucid Dreaming Training Program combines Western and Eastern techniques that include dream-mantras and guided Tibetan meditations.

Have you ever had a lucid dream?

Have you ever had a lucid dream? There’s nothing as liberating as realizing you can do anything without consequences. I’ve had lucid dreams since I was a teenager. Flying like Superman, is my favorite thing to do in a lucid dream.If you haven’t had a lucid dream yet, or want to have more of them, then Andrew Holecek’s Lucid Training Program will show you how. Andrew is a master of Tibetan Dream Yoga and has studied lucid dreaming for decades. His new program teaches you step-by-step how you can dream lucidly too.

Transformation Through Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a beautiful experience that can uplift you, but there’s an opportunity within these dreams beyond having fun. Early on in my lucid dreaming, I realized something spiritual and transformative to these dreams. After waking up from a lucid dream, I felt extra relaxed — as if I had meditated for hours.

Andrew Holecek has confirmed what I instinctively knew to be true: lucid dreams are potent experiences that touch us deeply. His program guides you through using these dreams to improve your life: 

  • Change your bad habits into good habits by exploring their root causes within your dreams.
  • How you will use lucid dreams to overcome conflicts in your daily life.
  • The art of deepening spiritual practice through lucid dreaming.

Western Science Meets Eastern Dream Yogas

Andrew Holecek’s Lucid Dreaming Training Program is a mix of Eastern and Western methods. Because he’s very experienced in Tibetan Buddhism and the dream yogas, he can teach you techniques beyond the standard tips.

That includes guided meditations designed to increase your ability to lucid dream. The added benefit to these unique meditations is that they also raise your awareness in waking life.

If I had Andrew’s program when I first attempted to understand lucid dreams, I would have gained much more. I would also have known how to have them more frequently, but information on lucid dreaming was unfortunately difficult to find.

You can save a lot of time and effort if you apply Andrew Holecek’s methods from day one. You will also know how to maximize the benefit you have from every lucid dream.

eagle flying lucid dreaming over mountains small

Inside a lucid dream, you can fly like an eagle, and your imagination is your playground. What you will experience is entirely up to you. You are the king or queen of your dreams, and inside a lucid dream, you are in complete control.

6 Keys To Lucid Dreaming Mastery

Andrew Holecek’s new Lucid Dreaming Training Program consists of six sessions.

Session 1: Introduction to Lucid Dreaming

Andrew Holecek shows you all the benefits you will have from lucid dreaming and how you can use them for your positive transformation.

Session 2: Western Daytime Induction Techniques 

This session goes into depth on how daily actions affect your ability to have lucid dreams. You will learn special “dream mantras” that induce lucid dreams. What good are lucid dreams if you can’t remember them? Andrew teaches you techniques to recall them vividly.

Session 3: Eastern Daytime Induction Techniques

You’ll get guided meditations inspired by Tibetan Buddhism that help you lucid dream and increase your peace and awareness in daily life.

Session 5: Eastern Nighttime Induction Techniques

Here, you will learn advanced methods to explore the “subtle body.” It also includes a way to use the spiritual heart center to unlock lucid dreams.

Session 4: Western Nighttime Induction Techniques

You’ll learn a recipe for good “sleep hygiene” that complements the other lucid dreaming techniques. These come from Western science.

Session 6: Overcoming Obstacles 

Sometimes, a small adjustment in your lucid dreaming practice can unlock new experiences. Andrew Holecek gives you solutions to common roadblocks and challenges so you can focus on the fun and exciting reality of lucid dreaming.