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Limited Knowledge Is Avidya

Man can read all the books ever written and never take one step towards spiritual knowledge. He can travel through every galaxy, catalog each star’s uniqueness, measure every tree, and weigh every object in this universe.

What type of knowledge is this? It’s limited knowledge. The sum is nothing. If you took all that knowledge away, he would miss nothing. His pride might suffer, which is also why limited knowledge can be an obstacle to Spirit.

Can science one day measure its way to the soul? Maybe a scientist will realize this kind of knowledge’s futility, but then he is no longer a scientist.

The spiritual path seems to have become a process of unlearning. The sun of the soul is always shining; we only need to remove thoughts like clouds obscuring the light. How that happens is ultimately irrelevant, but Kundalini will, for many, be the chosen way.

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