Kundalini For Those Inclined

Sometimes I don't talk about Kundalini at all. That's because it becomes a part of everything in your life.

You start seeing the ups and downs of life as the flow of energy within. Karmic patterns dissolve through outer and inner change. That's the whole goal of Kundalini.

Of course, it's only the goal until all our karma dissolves, but if it were, we wouldn't exist at all. We'd be singing with the angels or dancing through the cosmic fields of infinite potential.

The divine energy moves through everything. It is our perception of it that must sharpen. Kundalini does that. Meditation, devotion, the seeking of truth does it also.

Awakening Kundalini can quickly become another thing for the mind to experience. Like we pursue new experiences or a new phone. If you're practicing to awaken Kundalini, then be patient. Know that it's not a necessity. If your mind and soul are not where it needs to be, it can distract your spiritual progress.

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Jon André Lundal

Jon is a spiritual explorer that has focused on understanding the Kundalini Awakening. He has practised many styles of meditation and done chakra work for over 10 years.

Jon André Lundal

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