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Keto for Weight-Loss

My dad’s friend lost 40 lbs using the keto diet. It’s a powerful diet, especially if you’re prone to adding weight from carbohydrates. Anyone with diabetes-2 symptoms can also benefit immensely from a keto diet.

I think my dad secretly wants to go on a keto diet, but he loves boiled potatoes too much (boiled potatoes are the most Norwegian thing you’ll ever encounter).

If you’re stuck with extra weight from the holidays, a keto diet may work wonders.

The reason it’s so effective comes from manipulating the hormones in our body by reducing carbohydrates.

bacon and eggs keto diet

Bacon and eggs! One of the reasons the keto diet works so well is because you get to eat many of the foods traditional diets forbid. Bacon, steak, hot-dogs are all part of a keto diet.

Fewer carbohydrates = less insulin peaks = more fat loss.

The people over at CustomKetoDiet do a fantastic job with customizing the keto diet to fit your exact needs.

Everything is tailor suited to your body, age, and gender. This is important because our bodies change and respond differently to diets.

Picking up a random keto diet from googling is like finding a pair of pants in a dumpster. Maybe it fits, or perhaps you end up looking like a clown. With your diet, it’s even more critical; it has to be perfect for you.

Use their free calculator to know exactly how many grams of protein, the right caloric level, water intake you need to use the keto diet healthily.

If you’re looking for a complete meal plan and a fully customized keto diet, they offer that at $37 right now (usually $97).

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