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How does it feel when Kundalini rises?

I remember when I started my practice to awaken Kundalini. I was so excited and waited eagerly every day for a sign that Shakti was responding to my efforts.

It took about a week before noticing a burning sensation in my lower back near the root chakra. I was celibate to accelerate the process. The feeling was uncomfortable but manageable, and I was willing to endure almost anything to awaken Kundalini.

The two-three weeks gave me more of the same burning in the lower chakras while intensifying. I had more energy, and felt extremely alert.

It took a month before the pain transformed into something pleasanter. I began feeling as if water flowed through my spine and chakra system. It wasn’t a river, more like a dripping faucet. When this happened, I was excited beyond measure. I knew this had to be Kundalini because I had read Sivananda’s book on Kundalini, and this was just one of several signs Kundalini was awakening.

Other Signs Kundalini Is Awakened

You can feel as if water flows through your chakras, or fire, or marching ants. In my case, it resembled water. Ten years later, I still feel this. It’s not always noticeable, but if I do any pose that involves the lower back, the energy starts flowing in this gentle and pleasant way.

During meditation, a cool breeze blows near your third eye. This phenomenon, I have felt many times. It is very relaxing, but I have no explanation for why it happens. My theory is it has to do with the flow of prana in your being. Whatever the reason, it is a big sign you’re doing something right with your Kundalini practice.

I have written a detailed explanation of how I awakened Kundalini back in 2010. You can also read my ebooks for free on Amazon (if you have Amazon Prime). Kundalini Awakening: 2 Techniques To Awaken Shakti is, in my opinion, the only resource you’ll need to get started.

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How does it feel when Kundalini rises?

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