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How the Divine Speaks to You

The Divine energy exists all around us. It is also within us. In other words, it is everywhere at all times. Does it not make sense then that the Divine can communicate with you? I believe it can and talks to you and me in ways we can understand but sometimes overlook.


One of the ways God and divine forces can reach you is through your intuition and thoughts.

The way to filter out random thoughts that don’t say much and those that are meaningful is through meditation and prayer. Quieting the mind will allow only the best energy to enter your energetic body.


Numbers can be signs and convey messages from the Divine. I’ve recently written several articles on angel numbers that I’m adding links to below.


The Divine is unlimited and often speaks to us through music and art. How often haven’t we heard what we needed to hear in music and its lyrics?


Nature is filled with primordial divine energy. Listen to birds and the breeze, and feel the elements. You’ll hear messages that have no words but are filled with wisdom.


If you have a friend you trust completely, you’ll often find divine wisdom in their advice. I believe the Divine acts through all of us, and when the intention is good, we can uplift and help each other reach the consciousness of God.

How to Hear the Divine Voice?

There are many more ways the Divine can speak to you; it could, in reality, be through be anything and everything.

What’s important is that we purify our spiritual ears to hear the silent truths that uplift us.

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