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The Goddess Venus: Enchantress of Mortals and Gods

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful and powerful Goddess of Love named Venus. She ruled over the realm of love and beauty, bringing pleasure and joy to all who encountered her. Her beauty was unmatched by any other goddess or mortal alike – she radiated with an ethereal light that enchanted everyone around her.

She had the ability to make people fall in love with her effortlessly, and many fell under her spell.

Her enchanting power was not limited to just mortals; gods, too, were captivated by Venus’ beauty and grace. It was said that no one could resist her charms, not even Zeus himself! He bestowed upon her great gifts of love and beauty, which she used to bring happiness to all she encountered.

The Goddess Venus has been a source of inspiration, mystery, and awe for thousands of years now. From her origin to the various symbols associated with her, Venus has been an essential figure in the world of mythology and art. Let’s explore this beautiful goddess further.

Who is Venus?

Venus is considered to be the Roman equivalent of Aphrodite, as both were goddesses of love, beauty, sexuality, and fertility. In mythological texts, she is often depicted as a young woman with stunningly long hair, wearing a simple robe or dress with some jewelry or flowers. She is usually seen holding Cupid (the god of desire) near her heart or embracing him in her arms. She also had two doves at her side, which were said to symbolize fidelity and devotion.

Venus holds Cupid on her lap. She has wings and he is holding a bow and arrow.
Venus and Cupid.

Symbols of Venus

From ancient times onwards, we can see how people would often honor Venus by using symbols such as roses, shells, and pearls. Rose petals were thought to be a sign of eternal love or beauty, while shells represented fertility and abundance. Pearls, on the other hand, were believed to bring good luck in matters of love.


The planet Venus is also named after the goddess, a symbol of love and beauty. In astrology, Venus is known as the “ruling planet” of relationships and partnerships and is associated with money, luxury, and pleasure.

In Art and Pop Culture

Venus often symbolizes love, beauty, and harmony. Her influence can be seen in works of art throughout history—from classical paintings like Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” to popular music such as David Bowie’s “Venus In Furs.” My favorite song about Venus is Therion’s “Birth of Venus Illegitima.”

In addition to love and beauty, the goddess is associated with feminine power and elegance. She symbolizes a woman’s strength, grace, and ability to influence others.

Venus has inspired countless works of art and music.

Venus also represents intensity and unpredictability, which can lead to great passion or danger. This aspect of her personality is represented in many stories throughout history—from Greek mythologies to modern superheroes like Wonder Woman—showing that no matter how powerful she may be, there is always an element of risk involved when dealing with the goddess.

Guardian of Lovers and Prostitutes

Venus is also known as the guardian of lovers and prostitutes, having a special connection to both. She is believed to have blessed those who devoted themselves to their desires, guiding them on the path of love and passion. For this reason, many temples were dedicated to her in ancient times, where people would seek her wisdom and protection. Furthermore, she is sometimes seen as a patron saint of female power, representing courage and strength in women.

Venus the Morning Star

This stunning art print features the goddess Venus with long, flowing red hair. The artwork is painted onto a moon-like background, showcasing the stunning colors of Viennese Secession art style with light sky-blue and light amber tones.

In addition to her many roles, Venus is also known as the Morning Star. This title refers to the planet Venus which rises in the morning sky before sunrise, revealing its brilliant beauty and lighting up the skies with a magical glow. This phenomenon has been worshipped since ancient times, and it is believed to be a sign of hope and new beginnings.

As such, Venus is seen as an omen of good luck and fortune for those who seek guidance from her divine power. Before this planet was known as Venus, Ishtar in Babylon and Inanna in Sumer governed over it.

How Aphrodite Became Venus

Though she has gone by many names over the centuries, the goddess Venus is most closely associated with Aphrodite.

The alluring and mystical Goddess Venus and Aphrodite are depicted in a mesmerizing style that combines light sky-blue and amber hues, creating dreamlike figures. The artist has skillfully applied the golden ratio technique to perfectly proportion each element, giving the artwork a pleasing and harmonious composition.
Venus and Aphrodite together. Over time their stories and role became one and the same, almost.

The two were believed to be one and the same in ancient mythology, with Aphrodite becoming known as Venus when Rome took control of Greece. This transformation allowed the Greeks to keep their beloved goddess alive while still respecting the traditions of their new rulers.

How to Invoke Venus

Though Venus has been revered for centuries, modern-day worshippers can still invoke her power in their lives. To do so, one may seek out symbols like roses, shells, pearls, and stars to represent the goddess and offer them as a form of tribute. Additionally, a person could create an altar dedicated to Venus with objects that reflect her power and spirit, such as crystals or images of her.

Finally, one could simply meditate on the goddess and ask for guidance in matters of love, beauty, relationships, and prosperity. By doing so, they may open themselves up to the divine energy this timeless being offers.

No matter how you choose to invoke Venus’s power, know that her influence is still alive and well in today’s world.

Love Magick Ritual

As a final tribute to the goddess, I invite you to try out this simple love magick ritual. Set up an altar dedicated to Venus in whatever way makes sense for you—you could use crystals, candles, and flowers, for example. Once your altar is set up, light some incense or a candle, and close your eyes as you envision the goddess’s divine energy entering your space.

Next, take a few moments to meditate on Venus and imagine yourself surrounded by the positive energy that encourages you to open up and accept love into your life. Follow this meditation with an intention or affirmation—something like “I am ready to welcome love into my life with open arms.”

The captivating image features the prominent deity, Goddess Venus, seated gracefully on her throne while being surrounded by celestial bodies such as sun, moon, and stars.
Venus may listen to your wishes, but be careful that it’s truly what you want!

Once you are ready, write your intention down on a piece of paper or in a journal—this can help to further strengthen your ritual and the power of your intentions. Finally, thank Venus for her guidance and then close the ritual by snuffing out the candle or incense.

By engaging with this ritual, you can further deepen your connection to the goddess Venus and allow her to help guide you on your journey of love.


The name Venus is derived from the Latin word “venus,” which means “love” or “sexual desire.” This origin reflects her connection to relationships and romance as well as her status as a goddess of beauty and love.

Final Thoughts

The Goddess Venus is a favorite of mine. She represents so much more than just beauty and love—she is also a symbol of feminine power and knowledge.

Additionally, her connection to the Morning Star helps to remind us that new beginnings are always possible if we open our hearts and minds. When I see Venus shining bright in the sky, I take a moment to give thanks for the gifts she has bestowed upon me.

No matter how you choose to honor Venus, let her remind you that beauty and love are always within reach if we seek them with an open heart. May Venus’s light guide you on your journey of self-discovery.

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