Give the gift of positive change.

It is that time of year again. Everyone is looking for the perfect gift to give loved ones. Have you found those gifts yet?

The truth is that many of us already have enough things. Often we have so many things we start running out of space for them.

Decorative items are popular as gifts, but where will the five new ones you get this Christmas fit in?

I have socks and t-shirts from LAST Christmas that I haven’t even unpacked yet. I have enough clothing in the closets. I am giving away half of that this week because I don’t need it. It merely takes up space.

Decluttering and giving things away to charity can give you more joy than having it yourself. It also gives you one priceless thing: free space. Both physically and mentally.I am sure we can all find at least one or two things to get rid of today.

Give it away or throw it away if nobody wants it. You may enjoy it more than you’d imagine!I have one gift idea if you have a loved one that needs empowerment and the extra boost to change their habits. It’s a digital course by Kelly McGonigal called “40 Days to Positive Change”.

Everybody makes new year’s resolutions, but unfortunately, many fail. That’s because they haven’t changed their mindset! They need the tools to understand how to create new habits and transform old habits.

Learn more about Kelly’s course here and see if it would make the perfect gift. (Bonus: can be accessed online from anywhere in the world, which means NO extra clutter, plastic packaging, or pollution for the earth).

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