Empath’s Survival Guide Online Course – Judith Orloff

How To SurviveAs An Empath?

It would have been easier if you lived one hundred years ago, as an empath, because the world was quieter. Now, you’re taking in chaotic energy from all over the world through technology.

PCs and smartphones have changed the way you interact with people. Energy and information force itself into your psyche, often in excess. Like most empaths, you become over-stimulated.

Over-stimulation leads to chronic fatigue and the need to isolate yourself from the world. You want some peace, right?

How To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy?

If you’re an empath, you know how demanding today’s world can be. Energy bombards you from every side. Not all of this energy is positive. How can you stop absorbing this energy? You’ll learn how to shield yourself from negative energy in this free teaching with Judith Orloff.

Thrive As An Empath

The gift you have as an empath can seem like a curse. “Why can’t I be normal and not feel as deeply as I do,” you think. But you also know that this gift is the source of great joy.

Your ability to feel allows you to experience life differently. The way you absorb emotions gives you insight, no one else has.

A Survival Guide For Empaths

Judith Orloff is an empath like you. She has helped thousands of empaths transform their “curse” into a blessing. Her empath survival guide is what you need if you’re an empath.

Judith Orloff has helped thousands of empaths transform their lives.

Being an empath can be lonely. You can transform this loneliness into relationships that fulfill your soul. First, you will learn how to shield yourself from narcissists and energy vampires. They know you are vulnerable because you have a heart.