Eckhart Tolle On Confidence And Self-Power

Eckhart Tolle talks about two kinds of confidence and self-power. Comparison is the first one. This type of confidence is a mind-game, where we compare our status, abilities, and other aspects of life with others. 

Playing this game is energy-consuming and very difficult to predict. One day we may feel great about ourselves because we’ve excelled or done something to “deserve” it. The next day we could be down because things changed or our mind decided it just isn’t good enough anymore.

The other kind of confidence comes from within. It is uninvolved with circumstances and based on pure consciousness. It is more sustainable because it doesn’t need anyone to feel superior to and feels inferior to none.

One of the dangers on the spiritual path and Kundalini is that the egoic mind suddenly has more reasons to feel superior. You possess secret knowledge and experiences unmatched by almost every person on this planet. If this ego evolves, spiritual progress stops. But only until you become aware of it – then you’re free. The ego isn’t some powerful entity we must fight; it’s merely the blindspots we have regarding our psyche.

Once you ascend the knowledge ladder, you will have the opportunity to judge the world as inferior. Objectively speaking, you will know more, and you will be more spiritually evolved than others. That won’t matter, though, because if you get stuck there, the pain of the ego’s judgment will be more significant precisely because you are more evolved.

See, be aware, and be free.

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