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Eckhart Tolle – Being The Light

Eckhart Tolle – Being The Light

Eckhart Tolle wants you to join him on this inner journey that features eight weeks of transformation. Enroll before Monday, October 19, to take part in this year’s most significant spiritual event.

Course Highlights:

8 LIVE sessions with Eckhart Tolle on how to access your inner light fully.

Exclusive access to a privately hosted membership community.

4 LIVE sessions with Kim Eng that shows you how to embody this inner light.

VIP Membership Portal, where you can rewatch and download all video and audio sessions.

A Living Master

I quickly became aware of Eckhart Tolle when I started my spiritual journey. “The Power of Now” had just been published, and it seemed like everyone was reading it.The book offered sound advice and spiritual teachings, but more than that, it was a glimpse into a different state of being — into Eckhart’s awareness. If Eckhart Tolle had only given us “The Power of Now” and stopped teaching, he would already have given the spiritual community a treasure chest of wisdom.But Eckhart didn’t stop writing great books, nor did he quit teaching. We can be grateful for that.It is not in easy times that we need great spiritual beacons and teachers. When challenges arise, we crave their words the most. Wisdom can be the difference that gives us the strength to evolve through them consciously.If anyone is capable of sharing that wisdom with us, it is Eckhart Tolle.

Experience The Light With Eckhart Tolle

The workshop “Awaken Your Inner Light” is part of Eckhart Tolle’s new online experience called “Being The Light.” It is an 8-week live immersive program that dives deep into understanding this light.”Being The Light” is Eckhart Tolle’s answer to the turmoil we have seen this year. He shows us that difficult circumstances can serve us in raising our vibrations. The way we perceive and tackle reality determines if we thrive within it. Eckhart is the master of reframing what we see. He condenses wisdom into simple words that we understand. Those words make us experience this inner light.

Free Eckhart Tolle Workshop: Awaken Your Inner Light

Eckhart Tolle invites you to join his new workshop, “Awaken Your Inner Light.” It is free of charge, but you can only access it between September 21 and October 19.

This free video series includes some of the teachings within “Being The Light” and is a companion to the full course.

eckhart tolle awakening the inner light

Workshop Highlights:

How you can transform challenges into awareness.

You have the power to use life’s challenges for your conscious evolution.

The reason why 2020 is your breakthrough year, spiritually.

Eckhart guides you through an exercise that will give you a direct experience of the inner light.

The Presence Of An Awakened Being

Many say that the presence of a spiritually awakened being is necessary for enlightenment. The digital age has changed the way we interact. Today it is possible to share the same “space” online. We can chat, do video calls, and be in the presence of anything or anyone we choose.In the past, spiritual seekers would leave all their possessions and travel far to find a spiritual master. Today you are spoiled with opportunities to learn. You get every book you desire with a few clicks. You stream movies through lightning-fast internet. The problem you encounter today is too many choices. You can listen to a hundred spiritual teachers through YouTube, but still not feel it’s enough. The spiritual person who lived a hundred years ago benefited from having less because the confusion of too much information is an obstacle.

About the author


I’m  Jon Lundal

I’m a spiritual being like you that enjoys the evolution of consciousness. I started this website to share my own experience with meditation and its benefits. I was born and raised in Norway thirty four years ago, where I still live. If I am not looking inwards and meditating, I may be out in nature, photographing the northern lights.

8 Weeks Live With Tolle

When Eckhart Tolle announced he is launching an 8-week live program, I realize how lucky we are. We can be in his online presence and absorb knowledge. How fortunate we are to be alive today.

“Being The Light” is Eckhart Tolle’s final program for 2020. It is a tremendous chance to experience Eckhart Tolle. Also, it is this year’s most significant opportunity to learn. The last day to enroll is October 19. Enroll early or sign up via email to get a timely reminder. It is easy to forget valuable opportunities. This program is the perfect ending to a turbulent year.

This Course Is Closed At The Moment

“Being the Light” may re-open at a later date.If you’re looking to learn from Eckhart Tolle we recommend Eckhart Tolle’s School of Awakening 2021.