Citrine Crystals For Manifesting Abundance

Do you believe in the power of crystals? I do.

Crystals are energy, and they affect energy. How can you use them consciously to improve your life? Specifically, how do you manifest abundance using them?

We could make this into a long discussion about why and how this works, but if you’re on this page, you probably already accept that they do.

I have several theories about why. First, there is the natural energy within the crystal – its color and frequency.

Second, there is the psychological effect. When you focus your mind on manifesting abundance, the crystal becomes the focal point. It helps harness the power of your mind.

Modern science is only beginning to understand the power of our minds. Our minds connect with soul and spirit, and there is unlimited power and potential within that.

Today, we’re going to talk about just one crystal. Citrine!

citrine crystal cluster for manifesting abundance
Citrine quartz are beautiful crystals and they can manifest more abundance in your life. Use whatever form of citrine you have available: pebbles, towers or clusters.

My One Simple Technique To Manifest Abundance Or Money With Citrine

Citrine may be the ultimate abundance crystal. At least it is to me.

Why? Because citrine works straight on our solar chakra. This center is the chakra of energy, doing, motivation, and personal inspiration.

When you use citrine, you will find new ideas come to you with lightning speed. You will be motivated to achieve your goals, and you’ll have tremendous joy.

You can use my technique if you want to manifest money specifically. Abundance comes in many varieties, so it’s best to channel the energy into the type you wish to manifest most.

Money Citrine Manifesting Technique

Take a citrine tower and place it on top of some dollar bills (or Norwegian kroner in my case) you have. This practice makes your mind focus on the money you want to multiply.

If you don’t have a big tower, use smaller citrines, then buy yourself a bigger crystal once the money starts pouring in!

Don’t doubt this. It costs you nothing to take a leap of faith.

how to manifest abundance with citrine crystals
This is how you can manifest abundance using a citrine crystal tower. I keep the crystal on top of some money on my nightstand.

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