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Chakra Quiz

Chakras are energy centers beyond the physical plane. When I started my spiritual journey in my early twenties, I quickly learned that chakra work was one of the best ways to evolve.

In 2016 I wrote a concise ebook for beginners on how to master the chakras.

Problems manifest in the “real world” but originate in the astral, non-physical world.

A blockage in the root chakra can manifest as feelings of fear and uncertainty. The sacral center is the center of joy and self-expression – an imbalance here can make us depressed or have low self-esteem. Your heart chakra is your source of love. The third eye and the crown chakra connect you to divine wisdom and the experience of God/Divine.

The above summarizes the chakras, but there’s much more to know and experience within each of them.

Take this 30-second chakra quiz to know if your chakras are balanced or blocked and how to activate them.

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