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Quick Meditation Technique

quick meditation technique

Meditation isn’t complex, but your mind can make it so. The instant you sit down to meditate, it creates a thousand thoughts to distract you.Fortunately, your mind isn’t as persistent as it seems to be. I have discovered a simple technique that can help you overcome the initial barrier to meditation.When you’re sitting there, trying … Read more

How the Divine Speaks to You

how the divine speaks to you

The Divine energy exists all around us. It is also within us. In other words, it is everywhere at all times. Does it not make sense then that the Divine can communicate with you? I believe it can and talks to you and me in ways we can understand but sometimes overlook. Intuition One of … Read more

Chakra Quiz

Chakras are energy centers beyond the physical plane. When I started my spiritual journey in my early twenties, I quickly learned that chakra work was one of the best ways to evolve. In 2016 I wrote a concise ebook for beginners on how to master the chakras. Problems manifest in the “real world” but originate in the … Read more