Chakra Test

chakra test

What’s the benefit of taking this free chakra test? First of all, it gives you a clear idea of which chakra you need to focus your energy on. There’s tremendous value in knowing which chakra is blocked and which is not. In my personal experience working with the chakras is the most valuable practice you … Read more

Chakra Quiz

Chakras are energy centers beyond the physical plane. When I started my spiritual journey in my early twenties, I quickly learned that chakra work was one of the best ways to evolve. In 2016 I wrote a concise ebook for beginners on how to master the chakras. Problems manifest in the “real world” but originate in the … Read more

5 Root Chakra Meditations

child's pose root chakra meditation asana

Nowadays, there is a lot of buzz on Heart, Third-eye, and Crown chakras. Many New Age enthusiasts prefer to unblock and access these chakras and forget about the body’s bottom-most chakra known as the Muladhara/root chakra. Imagine you are building a skyscraper and intentionally fail to lay a sturdy foundation. What is likely to happen … Read more

5 Crown Chakra Meditations

5 crown chakra meditations

The crown chakra is our connection to the spiritual world. It provides us with wisdom, enlightenment, and intuition. There are, however, many different meditations that you can do to focus on keeping your crown chakra balanced. Below is a list of 5 crown chakra meditations that may help you balance this particular chakra. Remember, though, … Read more

5 Heart Chakra Meditations

5 heart chakra meditations

As you probably already know, the heart chakra is associated with our capacity to love, not only others but ourselves. Though, people don’t necessarily know that there are different types of meditations that one can use to focus on balancing your heart chakra. Now, many of these go by other names, so I’ll try to … Read more

21 Chakra Balancing Foods

Everybody knows that a balanced diet is one of the key ways to stay healthy and make sure that your body is working at its best. What many people fail to see, though, is the link between certain foods and your chakras. When most people think about balancing their chakras, their first port of call … Read more