Bob Proctor – 5 Day Challenge

I’m on Bob Proctor’s email list, and this week he’s doing something fun for us. Even though Bob is 86 years old, he has more energy than most 30-year olds! The 5-Day challenge takes part in a private Facebook group (you can join) and is all about changing your paradigm.

Paradigms are something Bob talks about a lot. They consist of the thoughts we operate from—abundance versus lack mentality, for example.

Each day there’s a full video teaching from Bob, and it’s all free. Bob goes live and talks about how we can harness our minds’ power to create a better life. To think instead of reacting to circumstances.

Bob’s teachings helped me open up to new possibilities, and he can help you too.

You can join this Facebook group right here. He went live yesterday, and the session had great value. You can watch the replay from within the group.

I once invested $500 into one of Bob’s programs (Magic In Your Mind), and within a couple of months, I had made a breakthrough in my own business that earned me $12000 in just a couple of weeks. That’s a story I’ll expand upon another time.

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