Sacral Chakra Affirmations

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Today we’re going to help you heal the sacral chakra with 35 sacral chakra affirmations. If you wish to skip directly to the affirmations, you will find the quick navigation below helpful. Introduction to Chakras Chakra is the Sanskrit name for ‘wheel’ or ‘disk’, meaning wheels of energy. They are spiritual centers within your body, … Read more

Crown Chakra Knowledge

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The Crown chakra is also known as Sahasrara which means a thousand-petaled. It perches at the top of the head. Its symbol is the lotus flower. The symbolism of the chakra reflects this perfectly as you see above. It’s like a beautiful flowering of consciousness. This chakra depicts our energy center of consciousness that all … Read more

Your Throat Chakra Revealed – Know How To Heal This Chakra

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The throat chakra is also known as the fifth chakra, or if you are feeling fancy, its Sanskrit name is “Visuddha.” Its position is at the center of the neck. Generally, the physical association of the throat chakra is throat, ears, mouth, shoulders, thyroid and neck. Visuddha means “especially pure.” Because of the relation of … Read more

Your Solar Plexus Chakra Revealed – Know How To Heal This Chakra

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What is the meaning of the Sanskrit name ‘Manipura?’ Manipura is the Sanskrit name for the Solar Plexus Chakra. The most common meaning of this name is the “seat of gems “or the “city of jewels.” It is the third Chakra and is also referred to as the Nabhi. The translation of the title “nabhi” … Read more