Adyashanti Unveils The Mystery of Jesus Christ

Adyashanti is a respected spiritual teacher of mindfulness with decades of experience. This October, he decides to focus on the mysteries of Jesus Christ.

How To Embody The Spirit Of Jesus?

Adyashanti’s new online course, “Resurrecting Jesus,” begins October 26, 2020. He says it’s his goal to “breathe new life into an ancient but timeless story of spiritual courage and defiance.”

Through nine sessions, Adyashanti reveals his insights into the stories of the New Testament. Understanding these stories is a crucial element in embodying the mind and spirit of Jesus Christ.

Enrollment is open between September 28 to October 26. After October 26, the course will be closed for entry.

Resurrecting Jesus With Adyashanti

The full course includes two LIVE Q&A sessions where you can ask Adyashanti anything.

Unveil The Mysteries

Explore and deepen your understanding on the mysteries in the New Testament:

  • What it means to be baptized in the Holy Spirit
  • The meaning of virgin birth
  • The resurrection of Jesus
  • Mary Magdalene’s role

Guided Christ Meditation

Learn Adyashanti’s way of connecting with Christ’s spirit.

Transcendent Surrender

Adyashanti gives his ideas on the crucifixion as a metaphor for transcendent surrender.

Much, much more

The full course contains a deep-dive into many more stories and mysteries. To see the full list of teachings included in Adyashanti’s new course, click here.

Heal Unworthiness With Adyashanti

Adyashanti gives you this valuable teaching. It is part of his new online course, but it’s free. Get access now, because it’s available for a limited time.

healing unworthiness adyashanti