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Adyashanti 30-Day Wake Up Challenge

Adyashanti shows you how to connect deeply from the heart in this webinar.

His unique approach and understanding of consciousness will let you experience awakened awareness.

Discover why spiritual awakening often comes through “small glimpses, many times” in Seeing Through the Eyes of the Heart.

Adyashanti’s 30-Day Wake Up Challenge

Starts on Monday, August 9, 2021.

The Story Behind The Challenge

Adyashanti says in his newest webinar that the idea behind the 30-Day Wake-Up Challenge started two years ago.He saw the power and effect that guided meditations done skillfully had on our consciousness.The 30-Day Wake-Up Challenge offers you four weeks of carefully designed teachings. Each teaching is in Adyashanti’s words a “pointer” to awakened awareness.His goal is to help you experience the wonders of consciousness that already lie within you. The only thing often missing is our ability to perceive these hidden wonders.Through Adyashanti’s subtle but profound methods, you will be able to look within and find all of these wonders that consciousness can provide.

The Problem:

Awakened awareness is never separate from us, but perceiving it can be hard. Our minds will often focus on negative things, and we forget how to look within.

Every day we are bombarded with media and things to look at that doesn’t take us closer to awareness. While we can’t lose the treasures that our consciousness holds, we surely can become confused if we’re not diligent. 

The Solution:

Any meditation is beneficial to bring our minds and souls peace. Meditation is the time where we consciously focus on positive awareness and deepen our soul-connection.

A well-planned meditation practice is worth its weight in gold if you value consciousness dearly. 

A Direct Way to Spiritual Liberation

Adyashanti’s 30-Day Wake-Up Challenge gives you 4 weeks of carefully crafted meditations. You must join before Monday, August 9. That is when the challenge begins, and Adyashanti starts teaching the program. SpiritMiracle is an affiliate of SoundsTrue.

Wake-Up Challenge Highlights

Week One | Monday, August 9

Awakened Awareness

The first week is all about diving into the awareness within you. “Who am I?” is one of the questions Adyashanti will answer clearly for you. You will gain a profound understanding of the spacious nature of awareness.

Week Two | Monday, August 16 

Awakened Heart

The second week will be the highlight for many of us. Adyashanti shares his knowledge on and guides you into the Spiritual Heart.

Week Three | Monday, August 23

Awakened Ground Of Being

After exploring and finding peace within the Spiritual Heart, Adyashanti takes you further into self-knowledge. This week focuses on understanding how we come from the same source as everything in the universe.

Week Four | Monday, August 30

Enlightened Relativity

Adyashanti will show us how awakened awareness can help us in everyday life. How to live energetically from the heart and stay rooted in presence are two of the teachings this week offers. The final day gives you a meditation to forgive the past and embrace both the present and future.


Awaken With Adyashanti