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8 Steps To Manifest Abundance

1. Know What It Is That You Desire

Waking up one morning and deciding that you will manifest an abundance of wealth, happiness, and love all in one day will not suffice.

To manifest a lot of anything, you need to be clear and single-minded in focusing on that specific thing.

Desiring more than one thing at a time can lead to confusion, muddled thinking, and a lack of clear direction.

Know what you want, why you want it, and what benefits it will bring to your life once you have it. Only then can you truly focus on what matters to you.

2. Know Your Desires On A Deeper Level

To properly manifest abundance into your life, you need to have infused your desire with your subconscious mind.

You and your desire need to become one and the same. Visualize yourself with whatever you desire in moments of quiet contemplation or meditation.

Picture what it would be like to have manifested your desire into your life. What does it look like? What do you look like now that you have it?

How will you feel?

This is key to manifesting abundance; the visualization process helps align your desires with your third eye so that you truly are connected to what you desire on a profoundly spiritual level.

3. Quiet Your Thoughts

To manifest abundance into your life, you have to be able to think about the one thing you desire above all else, without interruption.

As we go about our day to day lives, we tend to think about more than one thing at a time, which will not help you manifest abundance.

While meditating, ensure that you think only of what you desire and nothing else.

Only then can you be confident that a connection has been made between your desires, your subconscious mind, and the universe as a whole.

That single-minded focus we spoke about earlier is imperative during moments of meditation.

4. Command The Manifestation

When you are in a state of deep meditation, where your connection with the universe is at its best, now is the time for you to command the manifestation into your life.

This does not involve statements such as “I want more money” or “I want more friends.”

This is commanding manifestation in a different way.

You are not asking the universe for anything; you are telling it what you have already.

Try thoughts like “I am wealthy,” or “I am loved.” Have conviction in those beliefs!

You cannot possibly hope to bring more of anything into your life if you do not honestly believe that you have it already.

If you are having a period of anxiety or self-doubt, now would not be the best time to try manifesting abundance.

Wait until you are more settled in your life. Thinking about it won’t be enough though, your manifestation is linked with the universe and your mind at this stage, but now you need to speak it into existence.

Say the words aloud, tell it into the physical world that we inhabit.

5. Remove Negative Beliefs

Negative thoughts and feelings only serve to block what we desire from entering our lives.

To have come this far in the manifestation process and to start doubting oneself now will not do.

If you find yourself harboring negative beliefs after moments of deep meditation, you need to battle this consciously.

Remind yourself that you are wealthy/loved/successful, whatever it is, because to think otherwise is to block what you desire from your life.

6. Work Towards Your Desire

This might just be the most crucial step

Thinking about what you want without taking any exact steps towards achieving it is like throwing a penny into a wishing well and walking away.

You have to take active steps towards your goals, or else you’ll remain precisely where you are. Listen to your intuition here; follow your gut feelings.

If you’re hoping to manifest positive relationships into your life, and you find yourself wanting to visit the local park, then go.

The chances are you’ll meet somebody there.

You cannot manifest an abundance of anything into your life if you do not physically seek it and create opportunities for it to enter your life.

8 steps to manifesting abundance

7. Trust That It Will Come

Another crucial step that many people struggle with. This step couldn’t be more straightforward, though; you need to let go.

Trust that whatever you desire will find a way to you because you’ve done all that you can. 

You’ve told the universe, you’ve taken active steps to get it, now all you need to do is trust the process. 

You’ve come this far; why doubt it now?

8. Look Out For It

This final step is crucial too.

One cannot possibly hope to manifest an abundance of anything into their life if they are not looking out for the signs that it has arrived.

This also links into the less is more principle from earlier.

If you fail to see what you have and always want more, you fail to appreciate the gifts already present in your life. 

Look out for signs that your manifestation has appeared, even in the little ways, and you’ll be much more at peace for it.

What Is Abundance To You?

Manifesting abundance into your life can seem almost impossible if you don’t have the right attitude, structure, and plan in place. Merely hoping for something ‘more’ won’t do the trick.

But, manifesting abundance doesn’t have to be complicated if you know the steps involved. Below is a list of 8 steps to manifest the abundance that helps you bring more of what you desire into your life.

The best thing about manifesting abundance is, once you know how to do it for one aspect of your life, you know how to do it for ALL aspects of your life.

Whether it’s wealth, positive relationships, happiness, or success, the eight steps will help you to manifest an abundance of whatever you desire into your life. But remember, exercise caution, because less is sometimes more!

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