40 Days to Positive Change – Kelly McGonigal

Kelly McGonigal wants to take you on a 40-day journey of positive change. Through daily lessons, her goal is to help you transform your habits.

Transform Your Habits Through Science

Kelly McGonigal is a renowned psychologist that has made waves through her work and success with changing unwanted habits.

Her new course, “40 Days To Positive Change,” is the culmination of this work — now she invites you to join her and experience positive change guided by her expertise.Along with her new course comes a value-packed free webinar that gives easy-to-follow techniques that give you the power to install positive habits. At the end of the webinar, Kelly McGonigal gives you a guided meditation that helps reframe your habits in a positive light.

Habits Define Us For Better Or Worse

If I take a moment to analyze my own life, I can see the things I appreciate the most are the results of good habits.

Be it meditating or physical activity, it’s only beneficial when it becomes a habit. Do you have a new habit you’d like to “install”?The key to changing our habits or installing new ones is an understanding of the mind.

We all know how hard it is to break a pattern already there, but this has now become a science of psychology.

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Instead of focusing on negative habits, Kelly uses a method that rewards positive change in a way that automatically installs positive habits. Learn all about this method in her free webinar.

If we learn how to break old habits and create new positive ones, we will be able to create the life we want.

Kelly McGonigal has, for years, focused on behavioral change. I encourage you to watch her new, free webinar.

It goes deep into the latest neurological and psychological research into the mechanics of habit change. 

Whether it’s health, finance, or relationships — they are all affected profoundly by our daily habits.

I’m a spiritual person. I believe in abundance and the goodness of this universe.

At the same time, I know that one of the keys to this abundance and goodness is our actions. 

If I could go back ten years in time, I’d discipline myself to the habits I’d want to have today.

The real secret is that habits can make or break us. Once they are part of us, we forget where they came from, and think, “That’s who I am!”.

What if you knew the secrets to createBetter Habits?

You’ll get valuable insights that will change the way you think about your habits.

You will also see that you have the power to change them at will with the right knowledge.

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The Rewards Of Good Habits

We all have something we’d rather quit if we could. The trick is to replace it with positive new behaviors. We have to go within and discover what we truly want from life.

Everybody has talents and dreams. The art of reaching our goals is made possible through small actions in a positive direction. To build something great, you do it brick-by-brick. Small steps are the bricks of our lives, and habits are master-builders.

A habit that we create consciously will work in our favor year after year. That is how your dream becomes a reality and how you can reach any goal.

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A Shortcut To A Better You

If you gain value from Kelly McGonigal value-packed free webinar and would like to take a shortcut towards positive change in your life, have the opportunity to enroll in her “40 Days to Positive Change”.

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