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15 Kundalini Awakening Benefits

1. Heightened Sensitivity

This can relate to heightened emotional sensitivity, such as an increase in empathy and an increase in sensitivity towards sensations like the nerves in your body or an increase in alertness.

2. Memory Improvement

This benefit often links with the above point. Because of an increase in your alertness, you may notice an increase in your memory capacity for both short term and long term memories so that you can remember more.

3. Transcendence

This can come in many forms. Transcendence can include transcending the material and physical goods because of your loss of ego, which no longer stands in the way of what matters. Often the primal energy of Kundalini connects you with the spiritual far more than the physical.

4. Inner Peace

You may now notice unusual contentment in all that you do because of your new spiritual connections and understanding. Many people report that previously ‘mundane’ tasks such as going to work or running errands can be appreciated much more due to their increased confidence and comfort in their skin, making every task a peaceful experience.

5. Unification

People have reported an increased sense of unification or connection to everyone and everything in the universe. Because Kundalini involves a spiritual awakening that links you with everybody and everything in the universe, you may find that you can connect on a much deeper level with others.

6. Compassion

Linked in with the above point, often people report an increase in compassion towards fellow people. But this compassion may lead to a feeling of connection to all life. Many people have reported an overwhelming desire to transition to veganism following their Kundalini awakening because they recognize that the cosmic energy resides in them resides in all life.

7. Psychic Abilities

There are many different types of psychic abilities associated with Kundalini awakening, ranging from clairvoyance to telepathy. People talk of these abilities being developed through continued Kundalini yoga and meditation, and they notice a strengthening of their new skills as their connection to the universe strengthens.

8. Healing

Due to a new and deep connection with all energies within the universe, individuals may be able to heal others and themselves by harvesting this energy and redirecting it towards the sufferer, relieving their symptoms entirely or controlling them considerably.

9. Attraction

We are not talking about a sexual or romantic attraction here, although there is something to be said about Kundalini awakening benefiting one’s sex life. Here, however, we are talking about attracting the right people and the right opportunities for you and your life. Kundalini energy has a way of seeking out people and opportunities with positive energies similar to your own, in much the same way as magnets attract. You can be more confident in your decision making and more trusting of those around you.

10. Sex Life

As mentioned above, you can improve your sex life dramatically through Kundalini awakening. It is a well-known fact that real pleasure from sex can only be achieved when individuals feel content in their lives and confident in their own skin. Kundalini energy has a way of bringing inner peace and contentment, allowing the individual to have a more meaningful and fulfilling sex life.

11. Relaxation

Individuals have reported feeling their first period of true deep relaxation in their life following Kundalini awakening. They describe the feeling as being almost trance-like, a feeling of pure, inescapable bliss that overwhelms their bodies and settles their minds. You may notice a sense of balance within yourself, but also with your position in the universe too.

12. Cleansing

After the awakening of Kundalini energy, many feel a sense of spiritual purity or spiritual cleansing due to an increased connection with themselves and the world around them. As the seven main chakras are impacted by Kundalini energy, they often feel a steady cleansing of themselves spiritually.

13. Patience

This does not only refer to patience with other people but also deep inner patience with yourself. You may notice a sense of contentment with the stage you are at in life, even if it is not necessarily where you wanted to be, because your new connection to the universe rewards you with the gift of patience due to the knowledge that you are exactly where you ought to be. You can eliminate irritability and restlessness from your life by recognizing that Kundalini energy connects you to every aspect of life.

14. Aging

It is no secret that stress is the number one reason for accelerated aging within our bodies. However, the awakening of Kundalini energy can provide us with the inner peace and relaxation associated with combating early signs of aging.

15. Better IQ

After the awakening of Kundalini energy, many feel a sense of spiritual purity or spiritual cleansing due to an increased connection with themselves and the world around them. As the seven main chakras are impacted by Kundalini energy, they often feel a steady cleansing of themselves spiritually.

Notes About These Kundalini Awakening Benefits

While much research is still left to be done into the benefits of awakening Kundalini energy, several well-known benefits have already been discovered.

Although each individual who awakens Kundalini may notice subtle differences to the ones detailed in this article, there is often a common thread associated with Kundalini awakening.

The benefits are often linked with a heightened sense of spirituality or unlocking certain spiritual truths that individuals may have previously been unaware of.

This knowledge and compassion for others that this often opens are the main reasons individuals notice benefits in their lives. Above is a list of 15 Kundalini awakening benefits that you may see in your life following the awakening of this cosmic energy within yourself.

Above are just a selection of Kundalini Awakening benefits, but many others may not have been adequately researched yet, as mentioned at the start of this article. Just be mindful of the differences you notice in your own life following Kundalini awakening.

You may be able to spot some of the benefits mentioned above and possibly more that are unique to you.

If you are new to Kundalini but wish to awaken this divine force, I have a free guide.

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