10 Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening

1. A pressure or tingling sensation between the eyebrows

This sensation should be one of the primary indicators that you are accessing your Third Eye. You may feel as if some is applying a slight amount of pressure on your forehead. The sensation is primarily felt near the Anja chakra area and may feel like a tingling or light touch sensation.

The sensation’s intensity may vary with time and is likely to be bewildering during the first experience, but you should accept it in stride without worrying about it.

2. Recurrent Headaches.

If you start experiencing recurrent headaches that are not related to any medical ailment, then it’s highly likely that your Third Eye is opening. These headaches may occur mildly and occasionally and can increase in intensity and occurrence rate with time.

It is believed that the cause of such headaches is a buildup of kundalini energy in the Third Eye. The Kundalini energy is typically found in our spines, and spiritual awakening can move the energy to the Pineal gland in the head, resulting in headaches.

3. An increased sense of instinct and intuition

Although everyone has some level of instinct and intuition, opening the Third Eye will significantly improve these abilities, and you may start understanding things without depending on conscious reasoning.

With time, you will know things before they happen without even being informed of anything. For instance, you may realize that someone will call your phone before the actual call comes.

4. Telepathic abilities

Developing telepathic abilities is one of the most prominent Third Eye Opening Symptoms. You may abruptly realize that you can practically read people’s minds and know what they are thinking about without asking them anything.

Additionally, you can feel someone else’s thoughts when they are far away from you without contacting them.

For instance, you may feel a loved one or a family member is thinking about you, and later on, that person may reach out to you and say, “Hey, you’ve been on my mind all day.”

5. Visions

Visions typically appear just before an important event takes place. Some visions may be as clear as day, but others may be metaphoric and may need deep thinking and meditation to understand and comprehend.

Visions are among the Third Eye Opening Symptoms that you should never ignore. Such psychic manifestations help to protect you against catastrophic events that may affect you or your loved ones.

If you fail to believe your visions, your Third Eye ability may deteriorate with time leading to a loss of the gift.

6. Recurrent Vivid Dreams

When you open the Third Eye, dreams will become more vivid, and you may receive cryptic messages from the spirit realm. Such dreams may be about past or future events and will help you resolved past emotional conflicts or understand what is likely to happen in the future.

It is always advisable to meditate upon your dreams once you have opened the Third Eye, as it helps in decrypting the dream’s message and finding solutions to real-life issues.

7. A positive change in eating habits

Health enthusiasts often say that food is the energy that nourishes the body and soul. When the body’s Third Eye starts opening, you will notice some readjustments and changes in what your body needs in terms of nourishment.

Such Third Eye Opening Symptoms will affect your diet, and you may notice that some foods will no longer be appealing. For instance, you may lose interest in processed foods and start consuming more natural healthy foods.

8. Yearning for a higher life purpose

As changes occur in response to the Third Eye Opening, you will start yearning for a meaningful way of life. You may start feeling that it would be best to seek a higher purpose in everyday life.

Since the Third Eye opening is a cosmic sign, your whole being will sense the urge to find a better purpose in life.

9. A heightened sensitivity to light and sound

When your Third Eye is activated, your senses will be heightened, and the body’s responsiveness to light and sound will be affected. Your tolerance for bright lights and loud noises will drop significantly, and you will prefer to avoid places with such effects.

You will experience these Third Eye Opening Symptoms because your consciousness is changing to be more receptive to signs from the spiritual and earthly realm.

10. You start connecting the dots in life

Numerous things happen in life, and people often interpret some events as coincidences and never try to look at the bigger picture.

However, immediately after your Third eye starts opening, you will gain a deeper understanding and realize that coincidences don’t happen, but rather it’s the universe’s plan in action.

With time you will understand that events align together so that you can follow a specific spiritual path.

When You Notice Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening

When you notice that your Third Eye is activated, it should be a wake-up call to change your lifestyle and live a purposeful life.

Therefore, you should attempt to develop more meaningful relationships and use your Third Eye to improve your intuition and connection to the spiritual realm.

when third eye opens

The third eye concept has been gaining popularity over the years, becoming less esoteric with time. This concept is prevalent in certain religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism and plays a critical role in linking our spiritual and physical state.

After gaining access to your third eye, it will give you a higher consciousness level that serves as a gateway to the spiritual realm. This unique eye occurs in the Anja chakra located on the head, specifically in between the eyebrows.

Individuals who have accessed the Third eye are typically called foreseers because they can clearly or vaguely predict the future and identify chakras as well as auras, depending on their Third eye’s ability.

An open Third Eye endows an individual with additional wisdom, insight, and understanding of how the universe works while improving intuition and psychic capabilities. When it comes to accessing this ability, you may notice some Third Eye Opening Symptoms that may feel like weird or abnormal sensations in your body.

Learn more about opening your Third Eye.

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  1. This message comes at a crucial time for me. I have been experiencing mild headaches for a few weeks now, the headaches have never really eased, but have been mild enough so as not to require medication…

    • Hi, Deborah! Mild headaches are common with the third eye and also Kundalini. Definitely best to avoid medication if it’s bearable. Wishing you a wonderful day from wintery Norway.


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